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like if u want minecraft ASMR
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Story 1: outworlder39
Story 2: 2000sgirl
Story 3: StaringVoid

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12. 09. 2020





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Corpse Husband
Corpse Husband Před 9 měsíci
Story start times: Story 1: 0:53 Story 2: 9:00 Story 3: 13:00 Please send your stories in to: CorpseHStories@gmail.com ► Twitter: twitter.com/Corpse_Husband Thanks for being here.
Raiser X
Raiser X Před dnem
Hehehe I got a story
WarpedFoxes Před 4 dny
your voice is amazing
@Six same
Tayla Hancox
Tayla Hancox Před 7 dny
I miss these story's 😢
l3unnl3unn Před 21 dnem
hayley Před 19 hodinami
my dumb ass watching this at night.. I have to get up early tmw to start driving to my aunts house and i can tell u right now there's no way I'm going to be able to go to sleep now, not bc of my insomnia, bc i think the cult people are gonna get me in my sleep
Samthesilent Před dnem
Bro, I miss listening to these
B U Před dnem
Miss your original content x
Steph Renee
Steph Renee Před dnem
But hear me out. Narrate Fifty Shades. Chapter by Chapter.
nature of love
nature of love Před 2 dny
Wow your voice is so deep corpse 😲 hello can I have Ur number 😀
Kayla Bryant
Kayla Bryant Před 2 dny
He’s dip voice just makes it so much scarier
Kayla Bryant
Kayla Bryant Před dnem
@Lady Countess ok thanks i’ll look him up
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 2 dny
Youd love RezTKF if ur into scary stories
Ailis Sminch
Ailis Sminch Před 2 dny
This might be his last horror stories video...he sold us out for amongus , pokimane and nightcore songs. Sad💀
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 2 dny
You'd love RezTKF if ur into scary stories 💯
Fernando Mata
Fernando Mata Před 3 dny
I wish he would come back to the horror stories community, that’s why I subscribed like maybe over 4 years ago and now that he only does gaming I Unsubbed🥲
Haylie Taylor
Haylie Taylor Před 3 dny
oh god why is the story so much better with his voice
Emma Animations
Emma Animations Před 3 dny
me and my sister keep having teh same paranormal expereinces, i see something convince myself its not real and then she comes to me scared explaining the same thing and called it "The back" which sounds kinda funny ik but anyways... and i act oblivious to it to stop her from becoming more scared. this one time i saw some kind of blck figure crawl along the side of my bed and i didnt move i was that scared it looked like the back of a dog but we didnt have a dog and it had no texture, just black. then a few days later my sister comes into my room scared explaining the exact same thing even though i had told her nothing about it, i obviously didnt go "same, that just happened to me" since that would freak her out even more and she needed to sleep. then a few years later i was sat in my room and the christmas tree lights flickered on and then off a few mins later ( it was battery powered lights with one of those annoying switches) and then i heard the loudest scatching ever , at first i thought it was my cat ( who we had just got so wasnt in the 1st story) BUT THEN SHE WALKED INTO THE ROOM and was stod by the door and her eyes went into the hunting mode. then i actually told my sister about this because i thought there was easily a logical explanation, then THE NEXT DAY my sister had the same thing, the cat was on her bed with her and she was too scared to move so yelled for me after ( when she wasnt frozen with fear). luckily now its all kind of sorted itself out but the last time i talked about it to my friend at school it happened again so lol lets jinx myself its been time now so idk, im not really one to believe in ghosts i think this might just be like maybe the lights we bought being faulty and making the noise or? and "the back" might be due to our eye shape when we are tierd and me and my sister have the same eyes so i guess maybe thats a logical explanation but idk?
Moonlight Hunter
Moonlight Hunter Před 4 dny
I hope you’re doing ok, Corpse.
ilLumi.beanies Před 4 dny
I never noticed how I have watch you for years and your getting popularity I just generally love these storys
ilLumi.beanies Před 2 dny
@Lady Countess ty ♡
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 2 dny
Youd really dig RezTKF
Sharp Charlie
Sharp Charlie Před 4 dny
I don't really have single story, but a series of short somewhat creepy events from my life. The longest one would probably be 10 minutes? I may submit those.
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 2 dny
Youd love RezTKF if ur into scary stuff 🔥🔥
Sudheer V
Sudheer V Před 4 dny
I love you and mr. Nightmare biggest fan
Sleepie_Head Před 5 dny
Man that thumbnail is nightmare fuel lol
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 2 dny
Youd love RezTKF an his thumbnails ❤🙀
Christiane 7714
Christiane 7714 Před 5 dny
I have missed your scary stories. Hope you are doing well Corpsey! We appreciate all you do!
Ascending Angel
Ascending Angel Před 5 dny
omg the thrird one was also told on Are You Scared which was made by the Watcher
xuutie Před 6 dny
I miss him uploading scary stories, been listening for years😭❤
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 2 dny
Youd really be into RezTKF if u like scary stories 💕
Jon Ropp Music
Jon Ropp Music Před 6 dny
Man, I remember when corpse would just be posting story narrations 5 years ago, etc, and now that he's gotten more popular, especially with livestreams and being included with other youtubers livestreams, it's incredible to see the journey that this channel has gone. I hope your doing the best you can be doing corpse. Love ya man.
TheZoid Před 6 dny
Miss your stories bro 😔
Taco Mat
Taco Mat Před 6 dny
Anyone know the background music name in the first story?
dog from the purple zone official
Once upon a time there was a man with a really deep voice named corpse who made scary stuff but he knew he had a deep voice but than he heard a noise from his closet than he walked to it opened it to find a very scared creature than it ran out of the house The creature was planning to scare him but his voice scared him first Why did I make this a poem kinda
ㄔღєgσ_sєηραı シ
Me yeeett cuzz i cuzz just scream lol
Luci Kruger
Luci Kruger Před 7 dny
This is helping me study so thank you
Watermeluun Před 7 dny
I love these horror videos lol I can’t stop watching
Watermeluun Před 2 dny
@Lady Countess Thanks I will!
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 2 dny
Check out RezTKF if ur into scary stories omg i know youd love em 💯🔥
Wolf Před 7 dny
I remember watching him mr.nightmare, creepsmcpasta, and mr creepypasta in middle school and not seeing him for a bit when suddenly he blew up and honestly I’m so happy he did.
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 2 dny
You should peep RezTKF
Saiko Kurosu
Saiko Kurosu Před 7 dny
Gosh darnit, his voice is so soothing. I'm at my desk, nodding off because Corpse's voice is just so relaxing to listen to. *(EDIT)* And then the first story says the building is an abandoned church. FUCK that noise.
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 2 dny
Youd really dig RezTKF an his voice ❤🙀
Savage boy gonzalez
I remember the good ol scary story days :( now it’s just gaming
This Human
This Human Před 8 dny
I’m glad corpse has gotten popular, as I found him when he still did these stories. I didn’t subscribe, I did that recently, and when I was checking in him, I saw this was the last video of him narrating.
Crystal The Random
Crystal The Random Před 8 dny
*breaks through window * guys I broke into the comments to let everyone know I literally saw him enter a vent next to a dead body
Rayanne Brown
Rayanne Brown Před 9 dny
Imagine being the intruder in #3. Like, you're in this house prepared for violence, and you hear someone call someone else's name so you tear up the house only to find nothing. You're definitely going to think that place is haunted
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 2 dny
You would love RezTKF u seem to get into the stories 😺👍
maso671 Před 10 dny
I lived in Ohio in the '70s. That itself is by far the scariest thing in the world.
Original Username
Original Username Před 11 dny
I love these videos! Thank you for making it. Just a reminder that I think you're awesome and so do most people. Have a good day! :)
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 2 dny
You would love RezTKF if u like these 👌😍
Magma Studios
Magma Studios Před 12 dny
I miss these stories, the gaming is great but I wish there were more of these being made
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 10 dny
Youd love RezTKF!! Check em out 💯🔥👌😺
마마캐쳐 Před 12 dny
the second story just goes to show how much better moms are
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 10 dny
Omg girl if u like scary stories check out RezTKF his stories are legit scary af an his voice is perfect for horror narration its def one of my new faves 😍💕🙌
Trans Female
Trans Female Před 12 dny
😭😭😭😭 where's corpse I miss you 😟😞
Jah jar binks
Jah jar binks Před 10 dny
He got shot by a transgender 😔😞😞
Alexis Bayer
Alexis Bayer Před 12 dny
The only horror stories I can ever pay attention to is one narrated by Corpse. Anything else I can't listen to
Justin Playit
Justin Playit Před 12 dny
I love your music
NeCrOTHEomega 94
NeCrOTHEomega 94 Před 13 dny
Dude I have deep ass voice but there is a difference between throat cancer and a legitimate deep voice :p
Jokingly Jo
Jokingly Jo Před 13 dny
11:13 top left corner a little to the right near the roof the leaves make out a face
Hailey marlnee
Hailey marlnee Před 14 dny
Bro so I was super sick and corspe husbands video calmed down my body my mom said that she thinks that this is scary but I was like no it's not scary it's the best content
Cha Mii
Cha Mii Před 15 dny
When I can't motivate myself to do shit I just need to play some of these in the background and get so much done in a short time. It's like meditation. Thank you Corpse for making me clean my flat.. lol 😄
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 14 dny
You would really dig RezTKF he does horror narration an totally kills it! His voice is perfect for horror an his music an sound effects really put u in the story! 💯🙀🔥💕
amber hale
amber hale Před 15 dny
Wish you did more of these they are the best!!!
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 10 dny
Youd love RezTKF
GorillaSoldier135 Před 16 dny
19:21 At this moment, the channels last good video ended.
Jah jar binks
Jah jar binks Před 10 dny
Can’t agree more brother
littleghxst Před 16 dny
I hope you get better.. 🖤 Anxiety and depression is really exhausting and I heard you had other problems with your health. Take care, we love you. 🌸🖤
Emilee Woolard
Emilee Woolard Před 16 dny
I literally used to watch him !! Broooo!! I freaking watched him before he was famous!!!
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 14 dny
Youd love RezTKF omg his stories are legit scary af 😱🙀🔥❤
WarpingPixel Před 14 dny
Senni Saarela
Senni Saarela Před 16 dny
anyone else hiding in the comment section?? just me huh??
ilovectas meow
ilovectas meow Před 16 dny
oh his voice is-
donna george
donna george Před 17 dny
how the hell did those ppl know the boys were even there?
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 14 dny
You should check out RezTKF i have a feeling youd really be into his stories an his voice is amazing! 💯🙀🔥💕
shroom• Před 18 dny
scary [oof]
Steven Hyatt
Steven Hyatt Před 18 dny
That first one sounds like devil worshippers took over an old abandoned church. Typically if you say you hear a language you don’t understand singing what sounds like church music, my brain immediately thinks, “Latin”
Ace Před 18 dny
Honestly im gonna say this because its choking me for a long time ago... Why this born narrator hasnt yet invited to give his voice to a character in a game. If i was a dev he would be one of my top choice. I mean can you imagine this? Simply epic. Ps.his voice isn't creepy its immersive.meaning it catches your attention and you actually hear what he says.also those ppl that find this voice boring they dont know how horror genre works.jumpascares isnt true horror. The rest who complain for his gaming activity ....you don't have a saying its his channel you follow or not 👉🚪.end of story and end of comment.sorry for the length.stay healthy everybody.
Its Maddie
Its Maddie Před 19 dny
Is it just me or do I LOVE Corpses voice
Saniyah Gilbert-Carter
iwanna sleep tonight but i can't i need helpfallng asleep
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 14 dny
You would love RezTKF if u like to sleep to these 💯🔥🔥
DOWN6 Před 19 dny
joe mamma
Lost Před 20 dny
He only does true stories yay wait... it’s real!!
momo mxn
momo mxn Před 20 dny
Nitya Před 20 dny
Cat gurlz are ruining my life?
VJW Před 20 dny
I’ll be honest, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss these videos
Lia Broker
Lia Broker Před 20 dny
You know sometimes I wish he would narrate horror games. I mean this guy could read a boring news article and make it sound scary and somewhat interesting 😖
🐰 The masked rabbit🐰 Gacha
I might be the only one who finds Corps’s voice majestic 😅😅
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 20 dny
Youd love RezTKF ❤💕
Unkn0wn Před 21 dnem
am I the only one that listens to Corpse´s horror stories to sleep ;)?
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 20 dny
Omg girl youd love RezTKF his stories are amazing! 👍👌😲
Hannah D
Hannah D Před 22 dny
The last story is my biggest fear
Dee Smith
Dee Smith Před 22 dny
Why is this the last horror story? The rest is all Among Us!😣😢😭😔
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 20 dny
You should peep RezTKF if ur into scary stories 🙀🔥🔥🔥
Gacha_wolves Před 22 dny
The deep voice totally suits the stories😌👌✨
GeckoLettuce 1
GeckoLettuce 1 Před 22 dny
When is the next one?
mr. wolf
mr. wolf Před 22 dny
In story #2:Wtf why did my mans say he could smell her what the hell is he. Teen Wolf
Nissan Skyline
Nissan Skyline Před 22 dny
Are you no longer doing horror narrations... I've been an early subscriber, like, way back in the day before you hit your 1m subscriber milestone. I've always looked forward to your uploads cause no one narrates a horror story the way you do. I miss these videos 😢
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 14 dny
@Nissan Skyline Rez puts so much into the voices, music an effects an really immersed me in the stories so I fell in love lol 🙏🙌
Nissan Skyline
Nissan Skyline Před 20 dny
​@Nitya Thanks for the update. I knew he has been dealing with some medical issues for quite some time now and would need to take a break from narrating every now and then. The last time I was on his channel he had about 900k subs, which doesn't even seem like that long ago and then all of a sudden... HE WAS EVERYWHERE, and being talked about constantly lol. This is my first time back since then and I can't believe his channel has grown to over 7.5m subs in such a short amount of time. What happened recently that caused his popularity to spike?? Lol, I'm still so confused.
Nitya Před 20 dny
I m sure corpse mentioned he physically can't do narrations anymore as it strains his one eye while reading and it's too taxing on his body
Nissan Skyline
Nissan Skyline Před 20 dny
@Lady Countess Thank you for the recommendation! That's why I love Corpse's horror narration cause he puts so much effort and emphasis into the characters voices and emotions, it really brings them to life. I will definitely check him out!
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 20 dny
Girl omg you need to check out RezTKF his channel is amazing an up an coming hes a cute voice actor who puts so much effort in his horror stories youd love him! 💯🔥🙀💕❤
Hannah D
Hannah D Před 22 dny
The way you read these are crazy you put true emotion behind it I hope we will get more of these
Red Queen
Red Queen Před 22 dny
Im a bit shocked right now.... checking this page out due to among us. I Didn't know you are the one who's narrating this , been listening to this for a long time.
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 20 dny
You would love RezTKF if ur into these
Alex Vidal
Alex Vidal Před 23 dny
I listened to this a long time ago , OMG his story tellings are insane 😳 !!!! WTF
knock knock
knock knock Před 23 dny
not amogus
Depressed Squidward
Depressed Squidward Před 23 dny
I miss your horror stories so much! Please, Bring it back! :(
Depressed Squidward
Depressed Squidward Před 14 dny
@Lady Countess I haven't watched his video before.
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 14 dny
Youd love RezTKF if ur into these 😛
Ayla W
Ayla W Před 24 dny
I missed these😌💖 hope to hear more horror stories from you soon!😁✌️
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 20 dny
You would love RezTKF if ur into scary stories 💯💯
Craig Necessary
Craig Necessary Před 24 dny
Bro this is so scary but fun
MASA Gaming
MASA Gaming Před 24 dny
His voice makes it 10x scarier
im bored
im bored Před 25 dny
Anyone else go to sleep to these?
im bored
im bored Před 25 dny
@Lady Countess I'll go check 'em out, thanks for the suggestion
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 25 dny
Omg youd love RezTKF 💯🔥🙀
james the killer
james the killer Před 25 dny
Corpse can you still post a horror story?
len rin
len rin Před 25 dny
i am a veteran on this type of videos but i wasnt expecting this voice at 3 am here comes insomnia
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 25 dny
Youd really dig RezTKF seriously great story telling 💯🙀🔥
Rotten corpses
Rotten corpses Před 25 dny
Me being an OG fan from 2015, I really do miss these videos. So, corpse if you ever get to read this. I love your stories and I know you probably wont go back to these kind of videos, but if you ever do. Thank you.
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 25 dny
You should check out RezTKF
kdxL360 Před 27 dny
My mom falls asleep to forensic files, I on the other hand fall asleep to this lmao
Ugh _(」∠ 、ン、)_
Sometimes, when I watch his videos, I really get the strong urge to meet him in person and just hug him. Don't even need to see his face or talk, just give him a long hug. With permission, of course. (っ◕_◕)っ
Ivan Xolo
Ivan Xolo Před 27 dny
Dude this is so scary😱 I can’t go to sleep now😱
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 20 dny
You should peep RezTKF 😉
Nightstalker Před 27 dny
I miss your Horror Stories Corpse
Josiah Moses
Josiah Moses Před 28 dny
I emailed a storie it is 100 present true on my heart
Josiah Moses
Josiah Moses Před 28 dny
More stories no among us
Lil Wild
Lil Wild Před 28 dny
Bro letting your friend use your shower even when you're not home, now that's true friendship.
AceJ 876
AceJ 876 Před 29 dny
Don’t ask me why but these videos help me do my homework
Jayla McGuire
Jayla McGuire Před 29 dny
Corpse horror fans >>>>> Corpse gaming fans
Morkgin Před 24 dny
Your correct term should be corpse horror enjoyer vs corpse gaming fans.
Sneha Asthana
Sneha Asthana Před 29 dny
these really calm me down (which is weird coz its horror) but like something about corpse just calms me down.. maybe its the fact i have someone to listen to ? or maybe i feel like hes reading to me? hes kinda my comfort person. these keep me going ngl..
Bishrem Oyut
Bishrem Oyut Před měsícem
It's been so long
Raiyan Před měsícem
Is ever gonna make these type of vids again?
Mackenzie Crowder
Mackenzie Crowder Před měsícem
Corpse please make more videos like this 🙈 I need something to listen to while I work 🥸
Seth Laphan
Seth Laphan Před měsícem
If you are an OG fan, not coming from his among us videos and not being a 13-year-old fan girl, then congrats! You made it to the cool kids club!
Morkgin Před 24 dny
I used to watch his horror stories back in the day but then I stopped watching. Then in the future (2020) many people have said that he has a really deep voice and people were just watching him for that. I checked on him and I did enjoy his among us content. Since I enjoyed his content, I decided to watch some of his old videos and I immediately recognized him. I'm a 13 year old though. But I wouldn't consider myself as a fan boy.
Kevin James
Kevin James Před měsícem
Your awesome I've been subed to u off n on but still a fan all creepypastas is my favorite but ur number one and I respect u for all you've done and ur music is really good and better then icp but up there wit slipknot
Mobile Matthew
Mobile Matthew Před měsícem
What's a sugar shack
deadmalltapes Před měsícem
I miss corpse story’s😔
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 20 dny
You should peep RezTKF if u like scary stories 💯😉
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