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3. 04. 2021





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XMotemX Před hodinou
Fun Fact: Corpse Is A Uchiha He Got The Sharingan And The Rinnegan
InterferenceGuy Před hodinou
Why hasnt he posted any vids for two fucking months
Esha Debbarma
Esha Debbarma Před 6 hodinami
Is it the real voice 😭😭
Rishav Jha
Rishav Jha Před 7 hodinami
Vishesh Milind had the same voice
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ꧁WHITEPANDA꧂ ꧁N͜͡A͜͡T͜͡I͜͡O͜͡N͜͡꧂
What happened why isn’t he posting I haven’t been on his profile for while
Martins Danisevics
Martins Danisevics Před 8 hodinami
imagine corpse doing deep voice?
Adam Mcfall
Adam Mcfall Před 6 hodinami
I imagine it'd be like Geoff doing E in oogie boogie by voiceplay.
mixo lx
mixo lx Před 10 hodinami
A friend of mine said that I sounds like Corpse
kingrobloxyt Před 11 hodinami
God is coming soon repent of your sin
Krownage Před 13 hodinami
Corpse has one of the only voices to terrify and turn me on at the same time 🖤
julia staat
julia staat Před 13 hodinami
*"i'm chasing tina for no reason" song*
Sam’s Assault Channel
Sam’s Assault Channel Před 15 hodinami
Dream+corpse=nightmare ngl
Causeimblack202 Před 15 hodinami
when are you making a horror video..... it's been 9 months
Heaven Před 16 hodinami
Corpse:This is bad Also corpse: *continues to win*
EREEEH Před 17 hodinami
0:01 I SEE U
Mackenzie Semenko
Mackenzie Semenko Před 18 hodinami
I really want to meet u Corpse on vrchat
a snake
a snake Před 18 hodinami
Epikwhale lol
Epikwhale lol Před 19 hodinami
r3dn3ckpr0 Před 19 hodinami
Corpse please come back we miss you
Tatiana Gray
Tatiana Gray Před 22 hodinami
I just wanted to say something. For those people who call themselves Corpse fans stop asking him for a face reveal. It's wrong and disrespectful. It's pretty obvious he isn't comfortable with showing his face. Whether he's insecure or just doesn't want to everyone needs to respect that. And I don't think people understand that. How would you feel if you had crippling anxiety and people are pressuring you to do something your not comfortable with. I myself think it would drive me crazy. If your a real fan you must respect his choices. If you see this Corpse I just wanna say sorry because people are by treating you with respect. You're a human being not just a famous CScamera and people need to understand that.
Darshan Gopaul
Darshan Gopaul Před 23 hodinami
Is corpse ok he had not post in like 2 mouths
Twitch Sh4dows
Twitch Sh4dows Před dnem
Where is Mr Corpse
Eli Ellington
Eli Ellington Před dnem
do something else, this game is dead. if this seriously was your only come up then you gotta realize how youtube works, how the algorithm works. no one wants to see the same among us videos over and over with no variety, it's painfully boring and overbearing. go back to readings, focus on your gaming channel, jesus fuck do something corpse husband. you are dying off. you are becoming irrelevant. all of this is no ones fault but your own.
Relanço masquines
Relanço masquines Před 17 hodinami
he literally posted this video 2 months ago when the game was famous
MythicalMeme Před 19 hodinami
Well. The youtube algorithm only recomment on people that watch the same kind of content. So dont say that. You prob like the game, and just hating for the hating
Eli Ellington
Eli Ellington Před 21 hodinou
@sharon casey what does he want, tell me
sharon casey
sharon casey Před 21 hodinou
Calm the fuck down let him do what he wants jesus christ
Anish BG
Anish BG Před dnem
We want a nose revel right now
Ashley Před dnem
Hey Corpse, how have you been lately? I dont think that you will see my comment but just incase that you do... I have really enjoyed your gaming content and if you enjoy making it too then I really hope to see more of it! Now with that being said, I was wondering if you were going to make anymore creepypasta storys? I really enjoyed those as well and I have been keeping an eye out for you to post a new creepypasta video. Now I dont know your situation at home or when it comes to your health. And if that is keeping you from reading then I am so sorry for bringing this up :/ I just really hope to see a new creepypasta video from you soon only if that is something you still enjoy making and if you are able. Anyway!! I love you and your amazing video's! Everything you have ever put out there I have always loved it and anybody watching them can easily see how hard you work on each and every video you make. Especially your music :) I hope that you are doing well and I am sending you lots of love good vibes your way. Have a wonderful morning/day/night, whenever and if ever you read this comment. And to all of the wonderful fans who decided to read this comment as well, I am also sending love and good vibes out to the whole corpse family!
Mr magic man :]
Mr magic man :] Před dnem
I miss the stories dude 12 y/o me would listen to them before bed all the time
KcalTBB Před dnem
Miss the scary shit but hope this man is enjoying this
Lil C
Lil C Před dnem
The straight nerve findingsinitially work because limit correspondingly shade beneath a abusive elbow. miscreant, certain community
BetterThanYou Před dnem
Batman what are you doing on among us?!?
alex hoffmann
alex hoffmann Před dnem
Hey corpse I just found you through your song agoraphobic and I know this has probably been asked a lot but have you tried a therapist if so that's awesome dude! If not, like with everything there are good and bad ones out there maybe try finding the right one? My therapist has helped me so much with my issues and while I'm not necessarily agoraphobic I hate people just in general. If you read this thanks and have a good day man. Your music is awesome
BR BLITZ Před dnem
6:27 I want the music in background anyone?
Ngọc Anh Lê
Ngọc Anh Lê Před dnem
Just wanna say that I'm fuckin 🧡💛💚💙💜🖤❤️ u
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki Před dnem
Hey itachi corpse voice is also more attractive than you!!
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki Před 5 hodinami
@Sakura Haruno oops no no no you're getting it wrong i meant to say to itachi that he is not attractive pls sakura don't take it wrong 😐😒
Sakura Haruno
Sakura Haruno Před dnem
Wtf? Um hey Naruto, no idea u were gay.
Martins Danisevics
wtf really already 7m subs? wtf, that illuminati mover is no joke
Jamjemin Před 2 dny
corpse you should do a read-aloud it would scare the crap out of them
Samantha Harness
Samantha Harness Před 2 dny
Choke me like you hate me but Yu love me
Alex Grozev
Alex Grozev Před 2 dny
still a virgin
still a virgin Před 2 dny
hearing corpse laugh makes me happy
cassandra sotos
cassandra sotos Před 2 dny
I love you. And i will always love you. And your vids. But i really REALLY miss the stories. I had been listening to them at bedtime for,like,5yrs. I just dont sleep as well. Yeah there are other horror narration channels but... I miss yours. 😶
Charles the bold Action man
When are you gonna upload more of the stories that you uploaded back then
Adrian Molina
Adrian Molina Před 2 dny
Just imagine corpse does a face reveal and turns out he has been using a voice changer all along
Alexis Estien
Alexis Estien Před 2 dny
I hope your doing okay corpse, and we all love you!
Alexis Estien
Alexis Estien Před 2 dny
I hope your doing okay corpse, and we all love you!
Cassie Před 2 dny
28:34 toast: i will kill u, i. will. murder u corpse kills him toast: oh- HAHAHAHAHHAHA THAT GOT ME another 1 spedicey: oh that crazy son of a b might actually do it
Katarina Delatorres
idk if you take suggestions on what content to post but you should totally read fan fiction abt you 😳
Mateo Louč
Mateo Louč Před 2 dny
Corpse can you please please PLEASE record yourself speaking while you inhaled some helium
DestroyerOrange Před 2 dny
His voice never gets old :D
Charlie Před 2 dny
It does
Wesal mohammed
Wesal mohammed Před 2 dny
Hi Ur now dead in this looooooooong comment mwahahahahaa UR STILL TRYING?! . No way u reached here Dude I literally mean it u can't reach the end ha ha haha? I mean it dude cAnT rEaCh tHe eNd Okok fine I give up ur mad strong!
Před 2 dny
Same here, will power,
Lindsey Před 2 dny
LOL I made it to the end
《《 NeoVision 》》
What's the risk of him showing his face?
《《 NeoVision 》》
@The Anime Podcast He needs to look in the mirror and say you are beautiful.
The Anime Podcast
The Anime Podcast Před 2 dny
He’s self conscious
Jeffrey Gordon
Jeffrey Gordon Před 2 dny
If you're a morphling, stand on a vent and sabotage lights that way they won't sus you lmao 👌
sandro gamer
sandro gamer Před 3 dny
i really want face reveal
I Talk Everything
I Talk Everything Před 3 dny
Corpse is such a calm guy he fights gerd we with you all the way
Nil Rahimi
Nil Rahimi Před 3 dny
you sound like Tommy Shelby, but the deeper version.
Just.Ashlyn. Před 3 dny
The change in his voice💀
Just.Ashlyn. Před 3 dny
DAY WALLKEEER. It’s a fucking good song just sayin.
clementine :p
clementine :p Před 3 dny
his voice 🤤
l4ka Před dnem
@Charlie fr
Charlie Před 2 dny
Don't sexualize a voice condition
Nicholas Erndl
Nicholas Erndl Před 3 dny
if you look at corpse half mutated face, it looks like a bunny with a necklace
Rex. Před 3 dny
Among us is dead corpse needs new content
Madison Carroll
Madison Carroll Před 3 dny
i wonder what his discord is
Freya Lux
Freya Lux Před 3 dny
Corpse hasn’t played among us since the James drama. I think he misses James and is still friends with him. And wants to wait out cancel culture. I don’t support or even like James. But I know they were best friends.
CC9 LOL Před 4 dny
i don't know why he always puts that small message: I love Corpse Husband
Lil Tokyo YT
Lil Tokyo YT Před 4 dny
Its hard to tell what corps is talking about bc hes mumbling (im bored)
Phantom Finders NJ
Phantom Finders NJ Před 4 dny
Corpse it’s been fun. I only subscribed for scary stories and looks like the time has come for me to unsubscribe. Best wishes and Good luck with the channel 🍀👍🏻
SGS Clan
SGS Clan Před 4 dny
Dam, I respect the way u said it tho, hopefully u come back man when he posts have a good day man
Chris Quintero
Chris Quintero Před 4 dny
So is he just gonna focus on music and not make anymore scary vids or what
Mr Mars
Mr Mars Před 4 dny
I'm out of the loop but I'm just over here wondering if Corpse will narrate stories again🤔
Nathan Nuñez
Nathan Nuñez Před 4 dny
I don't know how people like this I don't see no One getting happy by his voice
Migs Petroulakis
Migs Petroulakis Před 5 dny
Bretman Rock is being Ignored in the beginning
Opset Před 5 dny
Man where is this guyyyy
ETHl golden
ETHl golden Před 5 dny
Corpse ain't no SIMP
Gaming lab
Gaming lab Před 5 dny
White Power
White Power Před 5 dny
If you drop your vocal cords and speak while exhaling slowly you can replicate his voice perfectly.
LSSA Před 5 dny
Corpse is dead
murrple Před 5 dny
J-Tube Před 5 dny
Kinda miss the scary stories, will he ever do them again?
xHadi GD
xHadi GD Před 4 dny
What scary stories?
bob bob
bob bob Před 5 dny
oh its a fox/bunny mask? thought it was a hand
Diana Hashim
Diana Hashim Před 5 dny
Why aren't you uploading
Just an ordinary cat
Where’s corpse
Alex the great 8
Alex the great 8 Před 5 dny
Will you ever come back to narrating story’s ???
These people are amazing
Michael Paulins
Michael Paulins Před 5 dny
Corpse please come back to yt
Gonçalo Machado
Gonçalo Machado Před 5 dny
When Corpse was born he drove his family home.
i aM wEiRdo
i aM wEiRdo Před 12 hodinami
Miking Ebule
Miking Ebule Před 5 dny
Siimplysuqarx Před 5 dny
Why do I ship Brentman and corpse 🥲
avexria Před 5 dny
SKYLER Před 5 dny
Eternal-shadow nightmarewolf zach
Hey corpse my profile picture looks like u
SKRIVER 2.1 Před 5 dny
Hey Corpse I don’t watch you but think you and your content is fine, just came to warn you about Dream doxx, you might be next, my guy. Peace.
ZY Před 5 dny
*Me looking at gloom/kassie her new vid saying CORPSE has a deep voice and that’s his real voice* *me not believing it so I just clicked on this video* Me Hears his voice: Oh… She was not kidding uuuhmm I guess I’ll just uhh believe kassie when she says so.
thekaratekid111 Před 6 dny
Why does it sound like he is dying of stage four lung cancer
Sky Knight
Sky Knight Před 6 dny
Dream got docks, it's your turn now
mohammad porsche alsaif
corpse makes sus things look sussy
Arri’s life
Arri’s life Před 6 dny
corpes kills bret also bret: what ever 🙄 🍟
Arri’s life
Arri’s life Před 6 dny
wait 2:27 was poki crying?
Melomay Před 6 dny
This guy should have just stayed gone from youtube lol
Moriah Elizabeth_fanpage
Bret: I think its dave *stab* Bret: WhAtEvEr *eat*
FSPlayer1855 x_x
FSPlayer1855 x_x Před 6 dny
bro i been subbed to this dude yt since he had 750k subs man now he has like 7m subs keep up the good work man
paula • 78 years ago
Corpse:🔫⛾🗡🖤💤💣 Corpse inside:💓💖🎀💗💞💟❣
Roga Marwan
Roga Marwan Před 6 dny
Corpse it's been a while we miss you dude also ima huge fan X3
Roga Marwan
Roga Marwan Před dnem
r0wy 230
r0wy 230 Před 6 dny
Halo it is me corpse husband on alternate account, thanks for being fan I love you to A/s/l plz?
BlueYxles Před 6 dny
i just came on this channel its my first time AND HIS VOICE IS SO DEEP
V N Před 6 dny
Bruh this is so sad. You’re literally an among us creator. How do you feel that among us is dead?
Yunisha Pradhan
Yunisha Pradhan Před 6 dny
Corspe where are u I miss u 😭 I'm leaving this comment beva I miss u pls come back and upload!!!😭