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ay man don't worry bout it, jus happy to be here
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10. 05. 2020





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Corpse Husband
Corpse Husband Před rokem
Story 2: 10:39 Story 3: 17:33 ► My interview on Anthony Padilla's channel: cscamera.info/market/fWjHnsifq7Tam5w/video ► My Music channel: cscamera.info/market/m3rJbdyEp7WrxXo/video ► Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/corpse_husband ► Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/7yntSJ6uojO3z6GFUVwhAW?si=8zTWWKteQjiyD-b7ajKzDQ ► A video I was in on Boyinaband's channel where we test our morals: cscamera.info/market/g4DIn7xyjtqltKA/video ► Twitter: twitter.com/Corpse_Husband ► Instagram: instagram.com/corpse_husband/
Ahmed 🐴 🤠
Ahmed 🐴 🤠 Před měsícem
@Slenderslayer351 hell
Canadian Guitarist
Canadian Guitarist Před 2 měsíci
@Hellstormangel didn't he say it was BC of his health? I wouldn't understand. However he makes video game acting videos with other creators.. I think it's about the money tbh.
Hellstormangel Před 2 měsíci
Sad to see that you gave up on story telling
Canadian Guitarist
Canadian Guitarist Před 2 měsíci
Can you please make more? Don't forget your original fans and your original roots please. If youre able to collab and post video game skits, you're able to read right?
Devasmita Arts C - 53
Devasmita Arts C - 53 Před 4 měsíci
Your work r amazing....we lot support u....love u....be happy and healthy.....amazing stories
Ridwan Shahidue
Ridwan Shahidue Před dnem
Corpse where are you live what's like you have I live in UK your number is 220 my road naked road
Nails Rlife
Nails Rlife Před dnem
Collab with Mr. Nightmare Pls.
Cadaver Před dnem
4:13 yea unless hes also in on it... 6:26 yea hes totally in on it- *fire extinguishers*
pogchamp Před 2 dny
Corpes I mean this in the most seriously and best way possible: are you OK and do you need/want a break cause if you do no one will be upset about you taking time off its ok to have a break im just a little worried
Kayla Bryant
Kayla Bryant Před 2 dny
Hey, atleast we know they didn’t die 😅😂
Stalin Před 3 dny
That dinghy alley.
morgan is like omg
morgan is like omg Před 4 dny
my boyfriend is worried im gona leave him for you
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 2 dny
Omg girl youd love RezTKF ❤🙀
PuffBallWasHere Před 5 dny
Okay, I know he’s reading the story, but on the 2nd story when he said, “I’m a woman” with his unique and deep voice just caught me off guard
Spencer Ford
Spencer Ford Před 6 dny
Dude I did not realize Your the same dude that Raps and shit 😂😂😂 I’ve been a fan for years and didn’t even know
hekz sula
hekz sula Před 8 dny
This guys voice😨
Cisco Gee
Cisco Gee Před 8 dny
Corpse husband tell more stories!
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 2 dny
Youd really dig RezTKF
Greatness Před 10 dny
anyone else just stare at the E in music carter for like 5 seconds while corpse talked?
yvan ramos
yvan ramos Před 11 dny
corpse: *hell deep voice* also corpse: im a woman
Aki Před 16 dny
"Random drug testing which is pretty normal at my school." s'cuse
Jerricca Ledesma
Jerricca Ledesma Před 17 dny
Corpse - "I'm a woman"
Cadet Stuff
Cadet Stuff Před 17 dny
can we get a story time about you getting a gun pulled on you if it's not too tramatic?
Minha :3
Minha :3 Před 18 dny
When I watch this I feel like I’m gonna pee myself 💀
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 2 dny
Heard of RezTKF ? Omg ud love his narration
Sasha Carroll
Sasha Carroll Před 18 dny
Haily Před 19 dny
I hate how these stories seem so normal to me, like I can't even get scared maybe if I would experience something like these then I would get creeped out idk
Haily Před 19 dny
Corpse is really a good man.
That 70's Shine
That 70's Shine Před 20 dny
I had a gun pulled on me because someone hit MY CAR from the back. Make it make sense. 😂 However, it was kind of scary💀
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 2 dny
You would love RezTKF an his horror narration omg
crazyoutdoorsman 1500HD
I miss your scary stories.. you gotta upload some more
Zackery German
Zackery German Před 22 dny
go where? go where? go where? go where? go where? go where?
Max Dominguez
Max Dominguez Před 22 dny
Corpse: “ sorry my voice is messed up” Me: “ ha ha real funny your voice is perfect”
Nailin' Your Mom
Nailin' Your Mom Před 24 dny
Hey why don't you remind us of your health problems? Wait, nevermind, you did 13 seconds in like every other video.
Gabriela Zoe Gorritz Flores
God the second story really scared the hell out of me but also going out at 2 am is a big no. By the way I hope you're doing well Corpse, love your content, keep up the good work💛
Sarah Tsai
Sarah Tsai Před 29 dny
oh god man almost got killed
Samantha Lacerda
Samantha Lacerda Před měsícem
💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 love uuu
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 2 dny
Youd really dig RezTKF an his horror narration 😍👌
msr gamer
msr gamer Před měsícem
Why did I watch this at night I'm scared as f*** now I'm going to get my daughters to check under my bed it's just scaring me cuz sometimes I think stuff is under my bed and I get my daughters to check under my bed
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt Před měsícem
Was the guy who pulled a gun black?
k Fej
k Fej Před měsícem
Llama Arts is better
Joe Howe
Joe Howe Před měsícem
ฅʕ•ع•ʔฅ Před měsícem
We are so proud of you corpse!! 💞💞💞🎉
PaperMind Před měsícem
That very first note at the start of the video made me think GOAT by Polyphia was gonna start playing
Ghoul1sh Gobl1n
Ghoul1sh Gobl1n Před měsícem
Listening. Chilllz
Em&Em Emma
Em&Em Emma Před měsícem
whenever i see someone i know,or someone i don't know i walk away pretending not to notice them.
Hiei Jaganshi
Hiei Jaganshi Před měsícem
hope your ok corpse
Breanna Lewis
Breanna Lewis Před měsícem
His voice sounds so much like my ex it’s weiiiird lol. It’s like I’m listening to him talk again 😅
Karen Hazelton
Karen Hazelton Před měsícem
Kerinn Glass
Kerinn Glass Před měsícem
The story about the girl being chased on a bike, for some reason I was picturing the guy as Barry the Butcher from Full Metal Alchemist
Piper Wilson
Piper Wilson Před měsícem
I feel like you would get so fit if you just had some creepy guy chasing after you every time you workout lol.
Haily Před 19 dny
I love how you see things from a positive angle lol
PAVEL Před měsícem
ohh the voice..!🥶😖
lulu pez
lulu pez Před měsícem
Could you get snapchat plz
MeiCutie Před měsícem
The confusion on my face when he said ”had a gun pulled on me” so casually
Dumb Croissant
Dumb Croissant Před měsícem
Hi just so everyone knows if your being interrogated by police you have the right to a lawyer/ legal counsel and if you can’t afford one they legally have to get appoint one, no charge. If your a minor you ALSO can request a parent be present. (This is for the us)
Jason Park
Jason Park Před měsícem
This dude tries too hard with his voice
Love SteveClark
Love SteveClark Před měsícem
Corpse you never have to apologize to us when you're feeling bad. We are your fans, we have 100% love for you on good days, bad days, and everyday!🥰
Love SteveClark
Love SteveClark Před měsícem
Corpse is such a talented narrator, his intonations are perfect, and correlate with the different emotions needed at specific times. His narrating style is so real, you feel as if he's actually the character in the story.
Paul Knowles
Paul Knowles Před měsícem
Sorry i'm not american, what is difference softmore and highschool. i grew up with primary school 1-7 and highschool 8-12. grade 1 was usually when your 5yrs old
Eijirou Kirishima
Eijirou Kirishima Před měsícem
A story in Corpses voice: I am a short, pretty small woman. Me: I find that hard to believe 😑
Sherriff Shawn Colt
Sherriff Shawn Colt Před měsícem
"I'm a woman-" Hol' up.
Skyla Peterson
Skyla Peterson Před měsícem
Tamz Rocks
Tamz Rocks Před měsícem
So y'all never had a curfew during your pandemic lockdown?? Cycling at 1am with no cops fining you?? 🤨🤔
j Shah
j Shah Před měsícem
Man I don’t care how tired I was that screamed setup the second a stranger would ask you to help him help another stranger while getting paid lol. Maybe it’s just how I was raised but it was killing me the whole time yelling it’s a TRAP!!!! DONT GO!!!! 😂
Samantha cato
Samantha cato Před měsícem
🤣 if you're just here for the stories ignore all that 🤣 he's to funny
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith Před měsícem
“ like when I swerve there’s no children to knock over “ but like then there’s no fun.
Kyle Nelson
Kyle Nelson Před měsícem
Come here to get scared😨 Left here wet 💦 Love your voice😏
Krumpit Před měsícem
Have you ever though of having a podcast on Pandora or Spotify? I would love to listen to you more at work, but sadly my cell phone battery does not like youtube for long periods of time. I hope you consider it.
Mariana Gaioso
Mariana Gaioso Před měsícem
I'm so glad I found this channel again! I remember finding this and other horror stories channels a few years ago, when I'd just moved to England and was having a hard time. For some reason, these creepy stories being told by a calm voice kinda soothed me? Idk that's weird. I kinda forgot about this but I ended up here again. CH, if you see this, I hope you're good. Anyone who reads this, I hope you're good. You are loved and cherished.
yixzir Před měsícem
Cry of fear thumbnail
Brandie Peck
Brandie Peck Před měsícem
Hearing him retell stories is suuuuper relaxing
VIX_Snipez- YT
VIX_Snipez- YT Před měsícem
Corpse I'm 11 and I could sound just a little bit like you
Haily Před 19 dny
Blood Axxe
Blood Axxe Před 2 měsíci
Corpse , I'm so glad you did not die. Please stay safe ❤❤❤
Moxi Foxi77
Moxi Foxi77 Před 2 měsíci
I love chills but everyone talking about how attractive his voice is makes me feel weird especially when I also listen to the likes of Chills and I never thought either of them had sexy voices I just thought d e e p
UndeadGodGaming20 Před 2 měsíci
raphaelle molina
raphaelle molina Před 2 měsíci
For some reason listening to corpse tell stories while making a research paper...
Bryson Stiles
Bryson Stiles Před 2 měsíci
I had a story like the first one but it ended good
Frais Před 2 měsíci
really pisses me off how these people don't go to the cops after the shit like this happens.
J Z Před 2 měsíci
when the school shooter guy got caught for the murder of his mother I was relieved that the student was safe but then realized juvy only go up until 18 unless charged as an adult so he can still come for you man better move and change ur shit before then
Kaizer Sozay
Kaizer Sozay Před 2 měsíci
Some of it ain’t true tho
MonsterKing 08 (CODM)
MonsterKing 08 (CODM) Před 2 měsíci
But for your bike u know that u can do a wheelie, ride one handed, ride with no hands, ride standing up, ride on ur pegs?
Which One Is Pink
Which One Is Pink Před 2 měsíci
Dude, are you from Kentucky? The picture being shown at 5:34 is the old Music Carter-Hughes car dealership in Prestonsburg, Ky....WHERE I LIVE! It shut down about 7-8 years ago.The old Russell May art gallery is beside it and the Harley-Davidson (closed recently) shop between them....WTF?!
Leo Hernandez
Leo Hernandez Před 2 měsíci
corpse: *speaks in regular deep voice* also corpse: *deepens it more for the character* me: corpse what the fuck
Chris Shukstor
Chris Shukstor Před 2 měsíci
Just got to listen to you man you definitely have a cool voice and a unique way of telling a story I like it!!
rosie Před 2 měsíci
isn't it hilarious how he makes his voice deeper when he's playing a guy
Shahlito Před 2 měsíci
They tried to kill me in the rain Tried to lay me down and so I ducked and ran away Put a gun up to my face
Ultimotripod Před 2 měsíci
me scared
anarky Před 2 měsíci
we j gonna skip over the fact that he had a gun pulled on him??
Jay Rosado
Jay Rosado Před 2 měsíci
@corpse why did you stop taking your meds? im assuming the meds for GERD? did you get a new mic since your last horror videos?
Peter O'Donnell
Peter O'Donnell Před 2 měsíci
Well medicine is a very expensive thing and this was before his among us blowup so it might have been hard for him to afford
Luna Higgins
Luna Higgins Před 2 měsíci
Someone please get him to do an asmr.
wassup wassup
wassup wassup Před 2 měsíci
Im Am so sorry to hear about the gun the same thing happened to my brother 4 years ago it was pointed to his head now he has PTSD but he Is getting alot better
im glad your brother is getting better
Steve Austin
Steve Austin Před 2 měsíci
God i hated taking the bus and train in Dallas. Bunch of weird, sketchy bozos. I cant smoke a cigarette without someone beggin me for one or for money(or trying to sell me dope.) Thank god I got an old blazer now lol
dibya636 Před 2 měsíci
Nobody: Corpse: I am a woman 👩🏼 Me:👁👄👁
Steph Lyn
Steph Lyn Před 2 měsíci
Your voice is so soothing I fall asleep every time listening to these, Thankyou for that
Steph Lyn
Steph Lyn Před 2 měsíci
@Lady Countess I have heard it 😌
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 2 měsíci
Omg girl if u like his voice you would love RezTKF his voice and stories are legit amazing 💯🔥❤😍
xll DemonFulls llx
xll DemonFulls llx Před 2 měsíci
Corpse what happened to your voice why do u need meds I’m new sorry
Finley Thompson
Finley Thompson Před 2 měsíci
He has a medical condition that means acid from his stomach goes up into his throat and it burns his vocal chords leading to a deep voice but meds can help the acid stay down and make his voice smoother and less croaky
CJ Game555
CJ Game555 Před 2 měsíci
Corpse you are my happy place because I have social anxiety and my mom died when I was 8 and every body in my family hates me except my dad and u r the one thing that makes me feel better And makes me think life is worth living
Orson Před 2 měsíci
That "go where?" guy in a morph suit just sounded like a troll lol
Tanya sprigg
Tanya sprigg Před 2 měsíci
Hello corpse😊🌹
Faraway103 Před 2 měsíci
Corpse(in literally the calmest voice ever):i got a gun pointed at my head and nearly died.. Me: alright alright alri- WAIT WHAT!!!
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 2 měsíci
You would love RezTKF 💯
Elizabeth Schuyler-Hamilton
2:57 I didn't know it could get deeper i-
JC animations
JC animations Před 2 měsíci
the scary stories are good with this kind of voice
Probly Beetlejuice
Probly Beetlejuice Před 2 měsíci
I know this is completely off topic from the video, but I’ve needed to say this for a while. Corpse. You are so incredible. You’re the reason I’ve kept going. You’re the reason I listen to rap to be honest. You’re a huge comfort and I’m so proud of how far you’ve come. I’ve been watching/listening to your scary stories for years. Thank you for being here. You’re such a huge part of my life and you mean the f*cking world to me. Thank you. Thank you for being here.
Random Dude
Random Dude Před 2 měsíci
What he didn’t know, he would explode 5 months later
Sasha Braus
Sasha Braus Před 2 měsíci
His voice is DaMN ATTRACTIVE 😃
Lady Countess
Lady Countess Před 2 měsíci
Youd really dig RezTKF ❤😍💯🔥🙀
Stalin Před 2 měsíci
These people always feel so head empty.
Thorne Před 2 měsíci
Alright so nobody is gonna talk about how the school in the 3rd story told a kid that was number 3 on a hit list that him and his family weren’t in any real danger?
marissa Před 2 měsíci
That school shit happened at mine; there was a list that was leaked and a couple kids got arrested for bringing guns to school
taylor elders
taylor elders Před 2 měsíci
Pause. this really him? LMAOOOOOOOOO just watched a video saying “listening to him now compared to his earlier videos he’s sound like a kid” srsly eerily deep voice don’t like but stories are cool
taylor elders
taylor elders Před 2 měsíci
Wait this sound rude. It makes the scary stories scarier I guess
Bluepanda930 Před 2 měsíci
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