LIVESTREAM Talking About Where I've Been, Why I've Been Gone & What's Happening Moving Forward + Q&A 

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Thanks for joining me, I'm nothing without you, and I appreciate you being here after i've been gone so long. This is a livestream explaining why i've been gone, what happened to me, and what the plans are going forward with the channel + answering questions in between/after. Please add me on the social media on screen, if you're able, it's my only way to update you guys without uploading videos.

► TO SUBMIT YOUR OWN STORY: ► To submit your own story, please send your own personal horror story or stories to the email CorpseHStories@gmail.com with the subject of the email being what kind of story it is. (Stalker, Online stalker, Scary Camping story etc)

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Him just laughing at all his problems makes this so heartbreaking..I know I'm a little late (2 years to be exact) but we're here for you CORPSE and we will not leave your side
diana flannery
diana flannery Před 2 dny
i will help him and love him and treat him like himself
Marley Před 3 dny
34:43 I agree with Corpse! Hope you are doing well and thriving away from social media Dave!
Emily Smith
Emily Smith Před 5 dny
OMG Corpse Your so loved ignore the hate please! Your to perfect for this fucked up world,life is fucked up,People are fucked up. But you can make the most of it ! I hope you do! I love you so fucking much and if I could, I would wrap you in blankets and bobblewrap and hug you! Your so sweet. Please stay safe and remember your loved,Okay? Love you bye! (I Highly doubt you'll see this and sorry if it makes 0 sense..)
Monique Star
Monique Star Před 5 dny
I was listening to this and looking at a recommended video where the thumbnail is him (his avatar) with the hoodie, normalish mask, and little curls and I’m just thinking about how far he’s come
Kiwi’s Art
Kiwi’s Art Před 6 dny
Leaving the hype and persona of Corpse Husband and just seeing Corpse as a real true person that breaths is almost hard for me. Corpse’s life is hard and filled with pain and I’m so glad that he’s able to pursue the things that he wants and to be surrounded by friends, though online. It makes me mourn others lives that are just like his but weren’t able to be so lucky. I want everyone to have equal opportunity and be able to pursue happiness and not to rot in pain or trauma. I hope Corpse and everyone in a similar situation as him is able to persist and be as lucky as he is.
Pagan Dragon72
Pagan Dragon72 Před 6 dny
Hate having fibromyalgia I wouldn’t wish this disease on my worst enemy sorry you’re going through this
Scarlett Ochoa
Scarlett Ochoa Před 6 dny
I have your snap😭✌🏼
Scarlett Ochoa
Scarlett Ochoa Před 6 dny
Bro I am watching this in 2021😂
abby Před 7 dny
petition for corpse to make his own podcast :)
the roving scotsman
definitely dose not need a face reveal but is just an awesome person keep on plugging away dude
Ray Morrison
Ray Morrison Před 8 dny
He doesn't need a gf or a face reveal. He needs A best friend who will be with him forever. Who understands him, who loves him, and won't make him uncomfortable, and who won't ask personal questions. That's what he needs.
verb Před dnem
try not telling him what he needs or what he doesn’t need- it’s kinda creepy and unnecessary considering you don’t know him :/
Monique Star
Monique Star Před 5 dny
Look at the ones he has found that he may or may not have seen irl (Tina has been added to that list)
Cat Dragon
Cat Dragon Před 8 dny
I don’t know if you will ever see this, but Honey, I wish you were my child. My heart truly goes out to you. I am so sorry you have gone thru these things alone. While you were going thru these things, I was taking care of my husband, who had been diagnosed with ALS in 2012. He passed away Feb 2018. It was so hard doing that alone, and Keeping him from feeling so alone. I can’t fathom you being so young and alone thru all of that….and still struggle with. I can relate to the anxiety, agoraphobia, etc. I never had time to process what was happening until it was over. I was to busy with his quality of life. A lot of sleepless day and nights. Even still. It’s 3am, here I am. 😒 a lot of fears and phobias I never had before that happened. Just try to make the most of my days for what’s left of me. I had gone thru cancer/ back surgery before all this had happened. I now know the feelings of fibromyalgia after moving and shifting another human body,for almost 7 yrs 24/7, severe lack of sleep, brain fog. It’s not been the most fun ride, but I’ve made it this far for a reason, I suppose. It’s taken my art / my love of video gaming, my dog, 12 jumping spiders, 2 wild baby birds, 2 foster puppies, and 2 foster kittens to help me thru several days and nights. I felt so lost not being there for anyone anymore. I can’t explain it. I want to say Thank You for being you. I first found you thru your story telling. Amazing to fall asleep with. Your vocals are smooth and feel so safe. Sometimes I can’t even sleep in my room, but they help me sleep anywhere. Wish I had finished a book I started writing several years ago, I’d hand it to you. 😉🤫 I used to write erotic short stories tho but you don’t need those. I have lots of dark poetry too. All of that and stories too were published yrs ago on a goth site. I was proud of them. Your voice is slightly in the range of what my husband’s was. You really remind me of a Radio DJ in my area. 😂 People use to mistake hubs for the DJ. Or women turning their heads when he spoke. I hate that you have to explain it so much. I wish I could give you a huge hug. I wish I could help you not be alone, or scared for the future in any way. And help you feel safe and secure thru the ups and down. You have an amazing vibe, a very good heart. Your deserve your place in this world. You’ve made a difference in others. Can I adopt you? 🤗 . 💀 serious. 😊 people tell me I should consider that. So I just thought I’d ask. 🤔 well if not….I wish you the very best, BabyBoy. keep taking care of you. Keep laughing, and smiling. Life is shorter than we realize. Enjoy following your content. You are a rare light in this dark world. Give yourself a bit more credit, baby.
liyah .
liyah . Před 8 dny
Okay so did it take anyone else a while to get through the whole vid? It took me like, 5 days...
liyah .
liyah . Před 3 dny
@Monique Star OHHH 😭 girl I got an ad every 5 mins lmao. I think what took so long is that watching this was like my first step into really getting attached to him as a streamer/content creator. I had been avoiding it bc the mfck could literally die on his sleep any second and nobody would know- it was just a lot but I did it 😭
Monique Star
Monique Star Před 5 dny
@liyah . I’m trying to pinpoint what’s taking so damn long. All the ads are clumped up in the beginning of the stream
liyah .
liyah . Před 5 dny
@Monique Star huh?
Monique Star
Monique Star Před 5 dny
All the ads clumped up to the front of the stream
Gacha  Sam
Gacha Sam Před 8 dny
I don’t care about his voice and face I care about that precious laugh If I recognize his voice in public BIG HUG
Joelle's Art
Joelle's Art Před 9 dny
YES corpse the education system is damaged and yes teachers should be on our level! Thank you! I love you man.
Gresilda Merkaj
Gresilda Merkaj Před 10 dny
I have had a lot of difficult days in my life and it all came to a point where I couldn’t stand it anymore so i did things which I’m not proud of . Hearing this makes me feel very comfortable and warm. I had a difficult time and no one understood me neither friends or family. Anxiety was really bad and certain things started happening to my body. Things of which no one had an explanations. Either way my point is this guy has managed to be the man he is through tough times and if you’re following him just because you’re sorry you wont help . I support him cause i know how he feels and he is helping a lot and i really appreciate it. Corpse Husband if you come to my comment one day i want to thank you for helping me find myself and wish you all the best.I love you❤️❤️❤️❤️
God TXG Před 11 dny
Lilac_56 Před 11 dny
I luv his voice but his mom must have been so scared of corpse when he was a baby
verb Před dnem
Wailani Olanolan
Wailani Olanolan Před 12 dny
i can tell if a person is good or bad it’s never let me down Corpse im very sure you’re a wonderful person, thing, creature whatever u prefer you have a heart of gold and i hope that you’re doing well and know that you are great YOU ARE AWESOME you’ve clearly gone through some things and i hope you’re doing your best at your own pace. take care Corpse🙏🏻
Deja R
Deja R Před 12 dny
Just came across corpse, I’m so intrigued In this man, Ive been binge watching all his videos 👀 such a down to earth man . & i relate so much to you 🥺
MsChaosDancer Před 13 dny
"I love who I am now." I felt that 🖤
ゆき Před 13 dny
To everyone who said moan or daddy at the chat I fucking hate you I can't describe how much I hate this people and I feel so bad for corpse has to go through all of this :(((
Sophie Lee
Sophie Lee Před 14 dny
Please tell me what happened! on chat ty!!☺️ ima BIGGEST FAN OF U!
Sophie Lee
Sophie Lee Před 14 dny
eeeew hi Levi! 💘💘👌☺️
Sophie Lee
Sophie Lee Před 14 dny
I mean eeeeeek
Lily Floyd
Lily Floyd Před 15 dny
This is just so calming for me. I have terrible insomnia, and I can very rarely fall asleep at all, no matter how tired. But whenever I listen to this, I just practically pass out within literal minutes. I can’t wait for when(or if) he decides to do the chill streams on twitch. I’ve gotten a lot more sleep in the last month or so than I have over the last couple years. If you see this Corpse, you unknowingly have helped me a shit-ton. Wish everyone the best, especially anyone else with even mild insomnia. It sucks.
you are adorable..
Punkanddogs Před 19 dny
Does anyone know if you can still send letters to his P.O. box?
Ultimate Minecraftgirl
Everyone: I listen to the soft sound of rain to help me sleep Me: I listen to CORPSE to help me sleep
Zelink Nalu
Zelink Nalu Před 5 dny
Everyone: I listen to calming music when I'm having a panic/anxiety attack/mental/nervous breakdown Me: I listen to CORPSE songs
liyah .
liyah . Před 8 dny
I listen to both 😭
ゆき Před 15 dny
isabelle letwin
isabelle letwin Před 20 dny
to everyone in the chat that was asking him to moan and calling him daddy… that’s disgusting. he’s trying to talk and at least the chat could’ve done is listen to him instead of typing perverted comments. also with the money, i would send money not out of pity, but support. he’s such a great guy and doesn’t deserve any of the shit he’s gone through and going through currently and if i can support him to continue creating content, i would gladly donate to help out in that way.
Deigo Clair
Deigo Clair Před 20 dny
i kinda sound like corpse lol ( did i just hear mr.beast in the beginning 1:45 )
ゆき Před 15 dny
Yea lmao
Viola Steinruck
Viola Steinruck Před 20 dny
I had a pretty bad day today. I was constantly on edge and felt like breaking down the whole time even when I was just visiting my friend. I can’t believe how much this is calming me down and making me relax. I still can’t sleep but just listening to this is soothing me so much. I mean his voice is calming not what he’s talking about because that shit is horrible or at least the part where he talks about what happened to him.
Queen Mya
Queen Mya Před 22 dny
Why people asking him to moan like there something wrong with u guys like stop
Sunnflower_101 Před 22 dny
I fell asleep listening to his music and woke up to this and I’m happy about it
ゆき Před 15 dny
Zoey Quinn
Zoey Quinn Před 22 dny
i go to sleep to this please make more just voice talking videos not even telling stories i enjoy u talking and it helps me go to sleep 💙💙
uh oh ava
uh oh ava Před 22 dny
this guy makes me feel so safe. i could listen to him talk about anything. he’s a literal haven
will 1973
will 1973 Před 22 dny
Corpse and Mr. Nightmare are the two champion storytellers. Everyone else is disappointing.
Ruqaiya Tasneem MCZ 001
Shivani S.K
Shivani S.K Před 23 dny
''u actually need a companion plz find one she or he will defnitely cure u''
Hugo Sandoval
Hugo Sandoval Před 23 dny
Me in the future listing to the first 5 minutes after Corpse says he'll delete the first 5 minutes. 👁👄👁
uh oh ava
uh oh ava Před 23 dny
he is just so calming dude. corpse is a really special person
Frya France
Frya France Před 23 dny
I'm so proud of Corpse. I couldn't put it into words.
Anubhav Pathak
Anubhav Pathak Před 23 dny
Corpse should do more of such kind of videos. His voice goes so smooth with space sounds. I listen to this every night before sleeping. It's relaxing and inspiring. We all love you Corpse ❤️
Hey Corpse, hope ure doing well.. tho it's not my business but can you please make that another livestream vdo public again? Just a humble request.. I love you 🖤
Elisabeth Fitch
Elisabeth Fitch Před 24 dny
Corpse is literally such an amazing person. He has really lived life and has become an inspiration to so many of us. Keep being the wonderful person you are and always be true to yourself Corpse!
Seiji Tanaka
Seiji Tanaka Před 25 dny
I just want to hug him T^T
Anna-Marie Starr
Anna-Marie Starr Před 25 dny
Oh corpse. You are such a genuine and rare soul. I hope you know how much you mean to people. I pray for greater health for you, physically and mentally. >>LONG,AWKWARD (but seemingly much needed at the same time) HUGS
Tina Twitty
Tina Twitty Před 25 dny
Is it bad that you make me happy
Don't b silly y wud that b bad?
Totality Před 25 dny
he has no idea how difficult it is to not superchat out of sympathy
super gamer
super gamer Před 27 dny
I hope he gets well. God should help him. You know for every problem has a solution . Please god cure him.
xAzrielxx Před 27 dny
Lauren James
Lauren James Před 27 dny
Holy shit has voice has gotten even raspier
Courtney Stringer
Courtney Stringer Před 28 dny
His voice is very calming. I had to do two weeks worth of work in one day, so I was listening to this while I did it and got it done.
K Kat
K Kat Před 28 dny
There definitely exists a phenomena where people with deep voices have aspects that are high in certain situations. Even female singers with high voices when singing, will Sometimes have deep talking voices.
Erehh Před 28 dny
Camille Marie Tatoy
Camille Marie Tatoy Před 29 dny
58:14 hello can someone tell me who the "Lozan" he's referring to is. I've searched for a while but still not sure exactly ;-; thankss
Camille Marie Tatoy
Camille Marie Tatoy Před 29 dny
@Kris woah thanks for this. I completely misheard it 😅 mb
Kris Před 29 dny
Search up lil xan
Kim Theisen
Kim Theisen Před měsícem
He is so cute
meh cute doggo
meh cute doggo Před měsícem
Aww I fill so bad for you 😭😕
meh cute doggo
meh cute doggo Před měsícem
I lessen to your music 24/7 I love you
meh cute doggo
meh cute doggo Před měsícem
Monique Star
Monique Star Před měsícem
The story about the rescue dog listening to Corpse’s stories to get used to male voices again is so sweet
Zakary Tackett
Zakary Tackett Před měsícem
I know it's been a year (I'm a new fan sorry) but hearing about his nerve problem hit close to home. I was in drumline all through middle and high school (I graduated in 2019), and I played tenors. I was, at the time, 5'3 and 130 pounds. If you're in or were in band.. I can already hear you wincing. It fcked up my back to no wit's end. On top of this, in the glory of my stupidity, i discovered I was trans and started binding my chest. So my ribs and spine we're experiencing constant strain with almost no breaks. Fast forward to the day before Thanksgiving 2020, I took my binder off to shower (after stupidly wearing it for 12 hours, to any trans men or enbies reading- don't do that and I'm about to tell you why) and suddenly couldn't feel my entire abdomen. It was completely numb. Out of panic, I called my parents, my fiance and a close friend, completely hysterical. Both my fiance and close friend slept in the room with me that night because I don't have insurance and didn't want a medical bill. Long story short, the numbness spread to everything from my ribs down, including my arms, the worst still in my abdomen. It took almost 3 and a half months for everything to come back. I did in that time cave and go to the ER, only for them to tell me that doing any test would cost me 20,000 dollars (fck the American health care system). So they just gave me a shot of Ativan to stop my panic and did some blood work (which came back perfect) and chalked it up to a pinched nerve. Still ended up with over a grand in med bills. Everything is back for the most part, but it acts up if I walk for too long and if I over heat. Corpse, I wish you all the healing and relief the universe can give you. I'm so inspired by your defiance and integrity. Thanks for giving me a smile and being my comforting background noise.
Deathisourlover Před měsícem
I say this feeling like i would embaress myself but.... Corpse is a factor to the music i listen to everyday. This man is a prodigy.
Blaze Před měsícem
Your so intriguing 🖤
Blaze Před měsícem
Please dont call CORPSE "d@ddy" even though it's very tempting
Monique Star
Monique Star Před 27 dny
@Hannah D sorry about my remark, too.
Hannah D
Hannah D Před 27 dny
@Monique Star sorry I meant to reply to the person who posted the comment not your reply I’m sorry!!!
Hannah D
Hannah D Před 29 dny
@Monique Star You Literally just commented "I love u daddy CORPSE" like what
Monique Star
Monique Star Před měsícem
Then edit your comment
Blaze Před měsícem
I love u daddy CORPSE please let my make your unfair life happy please 🥺 :
Blaze Před měsícem
Hes so real and mysterious and dark and has handsome personality
Sukanya Galdhar
Sukanya Galdhar Před měsícem
Your voice make me feel relax and great even when i m angry or sad love you forever and ever.
Slash Gacha
Slash Gacha Před měsícem
Hey. I'm really sorry to hear that this happened. It must have been really scary and an odd situation for you. I just want to say that I'm really proud of how you've grown, even though I'm 2 years late. I hope you have an amazing week and continue to do well.
MAX C. GURRERO Před měsícem
A person with Acid Reflux can relate to you Corpse. I know the trouble you're dealing with everyday. I've been too for the past 18 years. But you gonna go higher and higher and keep on going higher until you reach success in all aspects of life.
litrallynotme bruh
litrallynotme bruh Před měsícem
i still fall asleep to this
StarzRiser Před měsícem
He wont ever read this. Whatever. We have so much in common, it's actually messing with my head right now... I wish we wrere friends, I wish my streams would've saved me too. But I'm on borrowed time here, I dont think there's anything for me in this world anymore. But I'm glad you found our "family" and I'm confident that you'll do great in the near future. My last weeks on this Earth, and I'm grateful I was able to be there on your RE8 Stream. I streamed myself but no one cared so I just stoped. Much love from France, maybe I'll meet you in the afterlife, when the time is right.
Gunna Před měsícem
1:39:50 “Tengo problemas mentales~” I didn't expect to hear him speaking spanish, it's so nice
Gunna Před měsícem
@Monique Star Yeah, still feeling empathy
Monique Star
Monique Star Před měsícem
Until you remember what he said
Fianna Briones
Fianna Briones Před měsícem
Is it just me or corpses is sad😕
Pixiexairy x
Pixiexairy x Před měsícem
Can someone tell me the video where he talks about his childhood?
Danny Bakugou
Danny Bakugou Před měsícem
I appreciate that you think of us as your family, because it really does feel like that.
WaffleCharms Před měsícem
He deserves someone to care for him outside of online friendships. He deserves to be loved
Polar Bear
Polar Bear Před měsícem
Corpse 5 years ago : that’s normal 3years ago: eh just like a normal voice 2years ago: oook Last year: HOW THE F*CK DID IT... THAT TRANSFORMATION ON IT!
•WeirdGirl• Před měsícem
The bruh moment when you get like 10000 adds
Jazzy Před měsícem
Okay, okay I just have a few things to say. 1. Corpse's birthday is one day before one of my brother's 2. Corpse is older than me (I'm 23, 21 at the time.) 3. Prior to me finding out his age, I thought he was in his late 20s early 30s 4. Corpse is emo bean Thank you
Don Jet
Don Jet Před měsícem
Wow corpse ive been through everything you went through. It kinda sucks, im also part mexican. I also had to pull a gat out on people over stupid shit. And life hasnt been great growing up. I tried ending it over some stupid person i was in love with but realized that it wasnt worth it cause i have my own issues to deal with. Then i came across you, someone who understands. I hate this anxiety and you are helping so much. I watch you and sykkuno toast and rae so much. Even though there are more amigops but its you 4 that i look up to and especially you. I suffer from depression and adhd and i hate it but you give me so much aspiration to actually live this life cause you met ppl that want you around. Unfortunately for me i dont have any friends anymore. Not even family. Im trying so hard but tbh this might be it. Im tired honestly and it was so great to see you on gta rp as toast long loss brotha and meeting the rest of the amigops. But i cant keep going thanks for trying to help by just watching you. I wish i could've been part of the amigops but unfortunately im so poor that, that wont ever happen but thanks for everything an
Dipshika Mainali
Dipshika Mainali Před měsícem
Stacy Jent
Stacy Jent Před měsícem
I love your videos
baby hobi
baby hobi Před měsícem
Where’s the stream when he was 19?!?!? I think it’s gone 😢
Monique Star
Monique Star Před měsícem
He did some spring cleaning
_bakudeku sqaud_
_bakudeku sqaud_ Před měsícem
Ellie W.
Ellie W. Před měsícem
I started tearing up to this
Death Ivy
Death Ivy Před měsícem
I really hope you are doing okay. I have been wanting to start a channel but I am really anxious and I do not have your bravery, even if it is just my voice, thank you so much for your videos. I adore your horror story narrations and among us videos. I hope I can speak with you someday. Take care Corpse, I hope you are feeling better.
Elaina Zabkowski
Elaina Zabkowski Před měsícem
"I'm a lost boy" AWWWW corpse is adorable
Sasha Braus
Sasha Braus Před měsícem
Now this is ASMR 👁️👄👁️✨
Jen DN
Jen DN Před měsícem
He probably won’t see this but I just wanted to hug him through this. I commend you for being this vulnerable in such a public setting. Take good care of yourself. Ps I was very surprised to know I’m a year older than you haha I thought you were Older 😂 but anyways much love take care Corpse
Maylyn Quinones
Maylyn Quinones Před měsícem
Is it just me or did I fall asleep to this bc his voice is so calmly and soft? Or no?
Meredith Rodriguez
Meredith Rodriguez Před měsícem
*hugs* love you corpse & God loves you too 💜
Yolanda Sosa
Yolanda Sosa Před měsícem
A corpse podcast would be amazing
Monique Star
Monique Star Před měsícem
I feel like the knowledge that he looks like an average human being without even seeing him makes him less intimidating and that's a good thing
power rangers r rad
power rangers r rad Před měsícem
“I can’t find the link for my own stream”I am srry 😂😂😂
White Sus?
White Sus? Před měsícem
Ok but lik u almost made me fall asleep:)
Mackenzie Jeworski
Mackenzie Jeworski Před měsícem
i have GERD lol i burp constantly and have heart burn 24/7, welcome to the club
no it's Becky
no it's Becky Před měsícem
1:47:33 - "Well now you have this entire thing to sleep to" So true Corpse so true!! This stream is a booster for me when I'm having an anxiety attack or when I'm not sleepy 🖤
ines martinez
ines martinez Před měsícem
I hope u and ur mom keep healthy and as happy as possible!! 🙆🏼‍♀️ We also are nothing without you Corpse , I'm sure ur talk helped lots of people who were feeling lonely and/or guilty either because of physical or emotional issues, at least that's what I felt🤠 Take care🙆🏼‍♀️ PD: also don't force yourself too much to do videos, we love you so, if you get worse because of working too hard for us, at least I will get worried
Roseyskulls Před měsícem
Ur voice is so calming, I wish I cud explain how much uve helped me thru most recently just from listening to ur videos, I cud go on but thank u so much, and hope ur doing well
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