My 666 IQ Imposter Play Made the NEWS 

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90% 282 000 28 000

i literally don't see a point in anything lmfao
Birdjsakdasd APP!!!: Corpse_Husband


listen 2 some tunes doggy!

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21. 02. 2021





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°bobatea° Před 4 hodinami
Ahhhhh his voice i want ittttttttt ahhhhhhhhhhb and im a new subscriber :>
Nintendo Pro
Nintendo Pro Před 17 hodinami
Yo vids are great keep up the good work
Layla Matthew-Kum
Layla Matthew-Kum Před 20 hodinami
face revile ??????!!! please╰(*°▽°*)╯¯\_(ツ)_/¯
patrick lyles
patrick lyles Před 22 hodinami
That was fucking amazing
• Hanno ! •
• Hanno ! • Před dnem
Me : *Watches Corspe* Also me : *Dies at tge very first second he SPEAKS*
Abigail Reese
Abigail Reese Před 2 dny
I love your voice corpses
《《 NeoVision 》》
If another guy joined and had the same voice i would not be able to stop laughing.
Iris Před 3 dny
Lud's "swearing" after Corpse sliced him out of nowhere is hilarious XD "Aww what the hey..."
Sue Black
Sue Black Před 3 dny
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Bethany Bush
Bethany Bush Před 3 dny
Omg I love your among us vids please make more
•mina• Před 4 dny
Mannn your voice is deep as hell
Max Imilian
Max Imilian Před 4 dny
For These mindgames u deserve me sub bro
Nylah Reynolds
Nylah Reynolds Před 5 dny
Why is his voice so calming uhhh😩😩😩
Ice makes stuff
Ice makes stuff Před 5 dny
《《 NeoVision 》》
Tinaa keen on corpse lmao
Laura Wensman
Laura Wensman Před 5 dny
you da beeeeeest
Jessica Campbell
Jessica Campbell Před 5 dny
Ummmm....Markiplier, is that you?
Melomay Před 6 dny
This guy should have just stayed gone from youtube
Homoseshual - Jay
Homoseshual - Jay Před 6 dny
Brooke: Dont call me a bitch guys! Ash: Well stop being such a bitch! Brooke: Okay Ash, I was just kidding wtf? Ash: oh me too HAHA just kiddinggg Corpse: were all joking here
covid steve
covid steve Před 6 dny
corpse voice is deep when talking but when laughing he sounds normal
MATO KOKS Před 6 dny
People still play this?
Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar Před 6 dny
BrookeAB : Wasn't that so funny Corpse: Oh really 🔥🔥🔥
Cheyanne Burke
Cheyanne Burke Před 6 dny
Your voice is soooooo deep!
Cheyanne Burke
Cheyanne Burke Před 6 dny
Liliana Williams
Liliana Williams Před 6 dny
Corpse has such a deep s voice but how much you wanna bet he has the sweetest heart 💗
Liam Před 7 dny
I'm still dumbfounded by his voice after watching him for 6 months
Mr. Deathly
Mr. Deathly Před 7 dny
Bro, this is brutal. Wow!
Arambula Jesus
Arambula Jesus Před 7 dny
Can You do a face reveal plzzz
Monomi Před 7 dny
Thomas Preble
Thomas Preble Před 8 dny
Bru im a fan but it said my 666 image the news but it didn't
Shalina Sl
Shalina Sl Před 5 dny
It is in the description
Stephen Rath
Stephen Rath Před 8 dny
i watch corpse because im depressed
Euphoric Aesthetics Motivation🗸
Not sure if it’s just me but does Corpses voice sound progressively deeper ever video
Brendon Walker
Brendon Walker Před 8 dny
This man used to be the best horror story narrator on CScamera. Now he has quit to play among us. If you want to find a good horror story narrator, southern cannibal is awesome and is an active uploader. Tons of stories corpse never covered.
Jacob Whitehouse
Jacob Whitehouse Před 8 dny
Was corps always born with this voice😧😦😦
Monty Lenny
Monty Lenny Před 8 dny
What is this sheriff thing
Jordan Bell
Jordan Bell Před 9 dny
Corpse I sound like you
Heidi Ferrell
Heidi Ferrell Před 11 dny
I'm not going to lie I think that rae and corpse like each other
Corpse: Also we drinking rn Me: corpse u drunk-
CaunT Před 12 dny
THIS is the guy y'all are simping for?
Chupaco85 Před 12 dny
Imagine mr nightmare playing among us
Mohammad Memon
Mohammad Memon Před 12 dny
Corpse act like that he was the sheriff as an imposter this si insane hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
xvp08 Před 12 dny
I like how corpse is admitting he is killing people and nobody cares XD
Brooklyn the best
Brooklyn the best Před 12 dny
John Wayne
John Wayne Před 12 dny
Corpse laughing: wholesome laugh so cute Sykkuno laughing: also wholesome laugh bc he's covering his face so cutely
CrimsonOnyx Před 12 dny
I just like how everytime Corpse is imposter, they never suspect him and yet when he's not imposter. He ends up dead, unless Syku or Rae is the imposter then he lives. In this one I get they are drunk but watching all the other ones, its really amusing.
ZoeyRose 2001
ZoeyRose 2001 Před 13 dny
Wow I Love Your Video and you are cute giggles ❤️😊🥰
Victoria Hargrove
Victoria Hargrove Před 13 dny
i always wonder why corpse has a deeeeeeeeeeeeep voice
Amber Romero
Amber Romero Před 14 dny
Jaedyn Biggs
Jaedyn Biggs Před 14 dny
I like sykuno thought that they were still in the meeting
Alistair Ajjnr
Alistair Ajjnr Před 14 dny
Blazecraft03 Před 14 dny
nice clickbait bro
Blazecraft03 Před 14 dny
" what does afk mean" XD
Diab Dark
Diab Dark Před 15 dny
It would be cool if he became a voices for for anime
Arlene Martinez
Arlene Martinez Před 15 dny
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The Noble Solo
The Noble Solo Před 15 dny
I got to admit, im a simp for Ash.
Eclipsy Před 15 dny
The voice scares me
Blood Castle
Blood Castle Před 16 dny
Corpse your laugh is literally the best thing
Logan Bagocius
Logan Bagocius Před 17 dny
Autumn Blossoms - roblox
So this is your real voice or it's filtered or something
Autumn Blossoms - roblox
@mxxnlxght cool..good to know
mxxnlxght Před 16 dny
It's his real voice
musaab Před 17 dny
As hafu left her room sykcono came back to his room
lucky games
lucky games Před 17 dny
maybe hes a good guy
Galen Kane
Galen Kane Před 17 dny
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Cuty Thurtuss
Cuty Thurtuss Před 18 dny
0:19 it'll work? what does that mean?
Shadow Bunny
Shadow Bunny Před 18 dny
2k people have no taste in cool people
pqrkjisvng Před 18 dny
when lud started kid cursing 😭
Emelie Před 19 dny
00:49 bretman just casually singing is me
Cesar Orta
Cesar Orta Před 20 dny
I spelled wrong corpse husband sorry
Cesar Orta
Cesar Orta Před 20 dny
Sup cropse you are funny and I like your song cropse
Cesar Orta
Cesar Orta Před 16 dny
I meant i like his legit
Cesar Orta
Cesar Orta Před 16 dny
Corpse husband has a deep voice and i his legit 666 IQ.
Trilla nigga
Trilla nigga Před 20 dny
Corpse is like the johnny sins of life
SaTuRoChAn Před 20 dny
the "wasn't that so funny?" ..."really?" *dead* and then the silence XD
Godzilla blue thermo
Amish Yash
Amish Yash Před 20 dny
This is really a drunk game man❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sunshine Flower
Sunshine Flower Před 20 dny
The dude voice is like off the charts😎😎😎
Zo weaver
Zo weaver Před 21 dnem
Wow how does no one caught corpse
Sue Black
Sue Black Před 21 dnem
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BTS stand forever
BTS stand forever Před 21 dnem
Omgggg I can’t with ur voice is so good
•Les-bean• Před 21 dnem
"Also we were drinking," ya thats totally not important information sir-
verb Před 4 dny
no, it is *very* important information
~ flowerz ~
~ flowerz ~ Před 22 dny
Why does he kinda sound like levi 😩
Grodan Boll
Grodan Boll Před 22 dny
--- caspersight is the best youtuber ---
Strange_Fortnite Před 22 dny
Corpse your killing it bro you ROCK!!!
Skii が韻ヤ
Skii が韻ヤ Před 23 dny
play VRchat plzzzz
soos_IsVerySUS Před 23 dny
curse word alert
Sione Před 23 dny
Corpse remember when I killed you in storage earlier wasn't that so funny 😁*dies*😒... 🤣🤣🤣
Sione Před 23 dny
@Jose Juarez me! You having a bad day or something? Shit. No sense of humor.
Jose Juarez
Jose Juarez Před 23 dny
@Sione to who exactly
Sione Před 23 dny
@Jose Juarez Idc that shit was funny
Jose Juarez
Jose Juarez Před 23 dny
That wasn’t the real corpse
Paola Juarez
Paola Juarez Před 23 dny
I love how corpes gave a warning of them drinking
Avatar Genji
Avatar Genji Před 24 dny
What voice changer is it
vantapandemic Před 24 dny
Corpse has to synchronise Scorpion in Mortal Kombat
Jack Lyman
Jack Lyman Před 24 dny
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Tedemous Před 25 dny
Now they are drinking again 80 proof in their viens and their finger sustain looking over the edge
María Terrón
María Terrón Před 25 dny
The acidic lift etiologically supply because captain summarily mug along a handy ox. brash, curly turkish
Lukyluk_py Před 26 dny
Was i click baited for the new thing?
Amy Anyki
Amy Anyki Před 27 dny
It's not 666 it's 1000000 lolol
Hcc 076960
Hcc 076960 Před 27 dny
Please no
idk i just work here
corpse: my gpa is huge THIS MAN MEANS IQ😭😭 21:43
baylee Před 27 dny
sykkuno Looks cute 😻
Elawin Jala
Elawin Jala Před 28 dny
“Also we were drinking”
Abby paugh
Abby paugh Před 28 dny
Abby paugh
Abby paugh Před 28 dny
27:07 OMG THIS IS HILARIOUS!! HAHAHAHHA SOMEONE PLEASE CLIP THIS! Bretman: Corpse did you think I was gonna vote you there? Corpse: Yeah, yeah...cause you said feelings and I was like...well..."He doesn't have feelings for anyone else right?" Bretman: pfffsshh...Shut the f@%k up...
William Adams
William Adams Před 28 dny
Corpse is a god