3 True INTENSE Horror Stories From People Who Encountered MURDERERS | Scary True Stories 

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These are 3 true scary stories from people who had very intense and terrifying near encounters with murderers
Miss u. I hope that through these kinds of videos you can be entertained, but that you also learn something from each story
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Corpse Husband
Corpse Husband Před 3 lety
Story Start Times: Story 1: 0:00 Story 2: 8:36 Story 3: 12:10 I chose 3 different kinds of stories for you guys, I hope that they can each in their own way, teach you a lesson, or help you. 3 weeks of not uploading is a lot better than 6 months, and i'm trying my hardest. Thank you for sticking with me, social media below to connect with me more; SOCIAL MEDIA ► Twitter: twitter.com/Corpse_Husband ► Snapchat: Corpse_Husband ► Instagram: instagram.com/corpse_husband/ ► Facebook page: facebook.com/CorpseHusbandStories/ ► Steam Group: steamcommunity.com/groups/Corpse_Husband ► Google +: plus.google.com/+CorpseHusband ► My second channel for bloopers and other non-horror related stuff: cscamera.info/wine/uZPtWDsczOuztPMUr0mmpw.html ► True Scary Stories Playlist: cscamera.info/desk/PLzCMeaGr6pDOOVVnzFIEoIdTcLruFyCEU.html ► Deep Web Stories Playlist: cscamera.info/desk/PLzCMeaGr6pDP49dxWPJ7pLMp1nlBhXP6V.html TO SUBMIT YOUR OWN STORY: ► To submit your own story, please send your own personal horror story or stories to the email Corpsehusbandstories@gmail.com with the subject of the email being what kind of story it is. (Stalker, Online stalker, Scary Camping story etc) ► If you have fanart, or generally anything nice you want to say to me or let me know about, my email is Corpsehusbandstories@gmail.com
FRIEDTABLE Před 23 dny
Corpse i loved the first story and starting the second one now
Giovanni Taormina
Giovanni Taormina Před měsícem
Jayden Wheeler
Jayden Wheeler Před měsícem
Can you make more scary stories videos
clara harrison
clara harrison Před 4 měsíci
Hey I’m not sure if you’ll see this but I’m sure so many people including me and all my friends would love it if you kept doing these videos more frequently no special type or anything they’re just so interesting
Aaron Duncan
Aaron Duncan Před 6 měsíci
Corpse your stories are cool
Sarah Godfrey
Sarah Godfrey Před 20 hodinami
Bro? Went from this to a amoung us player
Tea Tsuneko
Tea Tsuneko Před dnem
Bruh how tf did I go from Mr. Nightmares to Corpse lmao
Josefina Lopez
Josefina Lopez Před dnem
The rustic eyeliner understandably apologise because scorpio objectively bless around a berserk journey. unkempt, upset switch
Alex Diaz
Alex Diaz Před dnem
Allen better see you in 16 years
jade cunliffe
jade cunliffe Před 2 dny
i cried at the last onw jeeeees
jade cunliffe
jade cunliffe Před 2 dny
omg this is corpse i just relized it i thought i was listening to mr nightmare but that first story man that was crazy.
Adele Martin
Adele Martin Před 4 dny
I hope everyone is having a good day.
-Michael Jackson Huge Fan Forever-
I cried on the last one! It just felt like I was stuck in the chest with a hammer when I heard his mother was dead and the police were lined up with their hats on their chests. I can’t imagine the pain he felt! 😭
Sam Adams
Sam Adams Před 5 dny
last story was way too sad man
sailor moon
sailor moon Před 6 dny
These are so sad and horrifying i hope all these victims got help from these traumatic events. I hope they are doing well this year
Jacqueline Ortega
Jacqueline Ortega Před 6 dny
That last one made me cry my eyes out💔😢
Yamona يامونا
if you ever cried or was sad and didnt like your life anymore see this video all this people went through all this so you are lucky that such things didnt happen to you
Jon Ramsey
Jon Ramsey Před 8 dny
my boy Allen was jealous
Thatsgrrr 8888
Thatsgrrr 8888 Před 8 dny
In story 3 the age doesn’t add up🥴
Benji Sampson
Benji Sampson Před 9 dny
Give this guy a Latino accent and he sounds like el sueno off Ghost recon wildlands
The_Night _Shift
The_Night _Shift Před 9 dny
I love true horror stories like this I like to listen to them at night when alone it makes it better since I live in a secluded area with only a highway infront of my house makes it more spine tingling
Scooby Snacks
Scooby Snacks Před 10 dny
Wait so the guy in the first story tried to run over a group of people, spent a couple minutes looking for them, found one and didn’t think to shoot or kidnap them as 3 people had seen him he instead just hit one on the head and left one alive
Wazemo Před 10 dny
The 3rd stories mom was a dumb bitch.
Claudia Pose
Claudia Pose Před 10 dny
The way my jaw dropped when he said the mother was pronounced dead at the scene, I expecting to hear she was in critical condition or something :(
Samy robinson
Samy robinson Před 11 dny
Here in 2021... lmao
JJ. Just JJ.
JJ. Just JJ. Před 12 dny
Those were..definitely creepy as f**k I'm just glad nothing too much like any of that has ever happened to me.
Eve Josephine
Eve Josephine Před 13 dny
13:00 I am unsure but this is the music of 28 days later isn't it, I love it as background music TwT
HVACtech Před 14 dny
If the first story uses “amazing” one more time, I’ll be amazed if my head, amazingly, doesn’t blow up.
Peds Před 15 dny
too many stories similar to that last one. people need to take that message seriously. GET HELP IF YOU'RE IN A TOXIC RELATIONSHIP it's not worth it to stay. replay that last story as many times as it takes to get it through your head before it's too late. ESPECIALLY if you have children. they don't need to go through that.
Obi-Wan Shinobi
Obi-Wan Shinobi Před 18 dny
...... is this real..?
Spitfire Před 18 dny
Back when Corpse was just a storyteller.....
Languid Před 16 dny
I miss it
Venti Před 19 dny
you sound soooo different:)
Little Sir Adin
Little Sir Adin Před 20 dny
T Garcia-Rocha
T Garcia-Rocha Před 20 dny
Great stories but that last one pissed me off. How does someone kill another's mother and only get 16 years ? That seems awful lenient
Jennifer Arechiga
Jennifer Arechiga Před 20 dny
You have the best scary story. ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
Aiden Alaniz
Aiden Alaniz Před 21 dnem
Frtrr xcx
ha ha
ha ha Před 22 dny
no one: corpse: im a female
Toon Guy
Toon Guy Před 23 dny
Problem with first story: "it wasn't common to have a cell phone back then" . 2012? Yeah it was. Not everyone had a smartphone yet but that was well after the point where most people had a cell phone of some kind.
JeanetteKing Před 24 dny
HOLY GODDAMN! Negan- 2015
Ghrae Sonnefeld
Ghrae Sonnefeld Před 24 dny
😿😿😿 bro will u pls collab w Kitty Spalla
Beloved Lps
Beloved Lps Před 24 dny
I love you ;w; I remember before I knew you, I remember listening to your horror stories
Holly Elizabeth
Holly Elizabeth Před 26 dny
i like coming back to these when i cant sleep
Viesturs Vorkals
Viesturs Vorkals Před 27 dny
Last one sounds way too familiar 😪
POATATO Před 27 dny
damn i b missing these videos
Ricardo D Alvarado
Ricardo D Alvarado Před 27 dny
3rd story east technology the daughters fault cause they always want to go hang out with there fucking friend
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman Před 29 dny
The stories, his story narration style, and the voice...they all make a perfect vibe to just pop up a drink, open a bag of chips, close the curtains, turn on the AC, put on headphones and a blanket and ahhhhh...
•SkylerBee• Před měsícem
didn't think i would corpse watching scary stories lol
Kylee Re
Kylee Re Před měsícem
I miss these
ITZ_ALJK Před měsícem
I hope he will have a comeback on these kind of videos.
Big Hug
Big Hug Před 28 dny
Me too 💕
ImTheBoredKid Před měsícem
yeah me too these were much much mote enjoyable than among us
Samoa Moni
Samoa Moni Před měsícem
Aight. Revisiting here. Man, the last story is a very sad one. Take the advice in the end, it could save your life. Tuesday - May 8, 2021.
ฅʕ•ع•ʔฅ Před měsícem
People in this world are sick!! I sincerely apologize and am so sorry to everyone who has had an experience with these sick horrible people. 💞 much love to you and your families
CJMT Před měsícem
ive herd the second one on wansee entertainment
Hj Kj
Hj Kj Před měsícem
How should get 10 years I n prison and then sentenced to death
Haily Před měsícem
Shane Tadlock
Shane Tadlock Před měsícem
If you're dumb enough to not have a gun...... It's a little hard to feel sorry for them... Born victims
??? Před měsícem
lol just made 6,666 comments
Footy Fan
Footy Fan Před měsícem
You know, the rest of the world (especially Europeans) make fun of us for all of your prisons and our justice system. I will take OUR justice system that would've given Alan either the needle, or life in prison with no parole. 16 f'ing years for murder is insulting. That is telling the victim and their loved ones that their life didn't mean s**t. If somebody intentionally killed one of my loved ones and only got 16 years, I would finish it when they got out.
Nevin Willien
Nevin Willien Před měsícem
The first story was pretty dumb and could have bin prevented pretty easily
Ni9htMvre Před měsícem
what da fuxk. this was you???
error sans
error sans Před měsícem
these are why i carry a sword and knives
Kelly Dibello
Kelly Dibello Před měsícem
I'm new to this channel, so hi everyone. Quick question are these stories true or mad up? TY if anyone replies & Blessings to everyone 👑🙏🏼🕊🌾😍🤔😥😥👍🏼💕💕💕
L G Před měsícem
was the girl in the first story raped?
Kristin Tassos
Kristin Tassos Před měsícem
WOW... I thought the first story was bad, it really moved me, but that last story was just horrible, they all were, and I hope that all of the individuals and their families are doing better. I know they will never get over what happened, but I hope their lives can find some kind of normalcy in the future. Thank you for another incredible video.
laughing Octopus
laughing Octopus Před měsícem
1:38 .....it wasn't common to have a cell phone in 2012?
ViliusLux Před měsícem
Not really they were pretty new back then
Arliegh Hannah
Arliegh Hannah Před měsícem
You have the greatest deep voice to creep anyone out for these horror stories :) Yeah
Heather Mckay
Heather Mckay Před měsícem
The last story was the scariest
Tomas Guerrero
Tomas Guerrero Před měsícem
NMExECL1PSE Před měsícem
"We were fucked" lmfaooo. It was at that point I knew, you lying
Amazing_vids47 23
Amazing_vids47 23 Před měsícem
Samsanite456 77
Samsanite456 77 Před měsícem
If u guy like corpse then u should watch mr nightmare u will love him
Sheda Rashid
Sheda Rashid Před měsícem
I found Mr nightmare first ✌️
Anonymous Před měsícem
I watch both.
AztecMania Před měsícem
I have a big guess for what happened to Sam. She was left in the trunk so I don’t think she was harassed, especially since normally harassers and rapists do this to women who are more alone, I think he was gonna use her ransom to get money from the guys since he left her in the trunk and didn’t kill Sam’s bf when he very well could have. That’s my theory, I hope nothing sexual was done to her, and I hope that now she is happy and has moved on from that trauma she experienced, along with the other two guys, and of course, Justice for those 3.
emily meyers
emily meyers Před měsícem
A Devil’s Nightmare
A Devil’s Nightmare Před měsícem
Love the video ❤️
pat fair
pat fair Před měsícem
My mom called me a hero for saving Life life my stepdad is very aggressive one day he stabbed in my mom In the arm I ran as fast as a could to the kitchen my mom had a 1911 pistol in a drawer I was taught if anything bad happens grab the gun and shoot the intruder so I ran to my stepdad with the gun I shot him in the back of the head and then I called 911 immediately and then I grabbed a first aid kit put emergency emergency gun shot wound stuff My real dad was in the army and taught me how to use it I applied pressure to the wound until paramedics got hear
Joshua Moreno
Joshua Moreno Před měsícem
What was up with the mother from the 3rd story I mean before the attack had happened she literally just walked out of her karate class she could've easily fought him the moment the guy pulled out his knife and put it to her throat should've been a clear sign to fight him off
Vivid Rohan
Vivid Rohan Před měsícem
The story of how I found corpse 2 years ago so I was watching mr nightmare s beach story and saw this and I ditched the beach story to watch and I didn’t regret it
Jessie Hernandez
Jessie Hernandez Před měsícem
Mr nightmare wannabe
CielFN Před měsícem
Corpse is his own person, get me nightmare outa here
bzghos bz
bzghos bz Před měsícem
Nikhil Srinivasan
Nikhil Srinivasan Před měsícem
Why aren't you making any new videos ??? we miss you
Sara Beth Sings
Sara Beth Sings Před měsícem
Hey, story #1, it does get better 💕 It feels like it lasts forever...but it doesn't.
Gavin Mabry
Gavin Mabry Před měsícem
Hey my name is Gavin :)
ツSalty Před měsícem
Miss your videos 😥
Julie Rawls
Julie Rawls Před měsícem
Wow. These were really tough stories to listen to. I’ve never experienced any of them or any situations like them but man they really hit me listening to them. 🥺🥺😟😟😦😦
Yvette Grant
Yvette Grant Před měsícem
At least the druggie did his last shot,that's what they do before going to treatment lol "loser". happy innocent clerk reacted and saved herself.
Donna Noe
Donna Noe Před měsícem
Only sixteen years in jail for murder? Not nearly enough.
Jaclyn Polis
Jaclyn Polis Před měsícem
It's sickening that the police operator in the last story didn't believe the kid, even despite the past history, in that house. If they didn't think it was a fucking prank call and took it fucking seriously, that person's mom could have still been alive. Wtf. I almost cried.
johnyy09 Před měsícem
Good stories... good stories, im going back to Mr. Nightmare though these too emotional and the voice kinda over the top for me.
F P Před měsícem
2 years later and these 3 still chill me to the bone...
Arslan B
Arslan B Před měsícem
I am trying to find the first story on Google because i live in the north of Toronto but i can't find it. Does someone know anything about this story?
Owen Doyle
Owen Doyle Před 2 měsíci
Love you corpse
Joel Mabrey
Joel Mabrey Před 2 měsíci
The first story was in 2012 and it wasnt common for a 17 year old to have a cell phone ?
Shiela Hammond
Shiela Hammond Před 2 měsíci
Sorry, second story, heroin user would not be able to do anything after indulging.
Randy Butternubs
Randy Butternubs Před 2 měsíci
Isreal keys (a famous serial killer from colville Washington) held me as a baby in 2004. He began killing in the late 90s. His ( believed to be) first victim was my aunts friend who was a 12 year old girl in colville, she was kidnapped walking home and her body was found 2 years later in a gravel pit a few miles from my house. I live on the outskirts of colville and my grandma threw a party for my mom after my birth. He showed up and while my mom went to the bathroom she gave me to him. Somone took a pic and it's chilling to look at. He killed a lot of people all across the US. He admitted to 11 victims but killed more than that. He committed suicide in jail in 2012 i think. Crazy shit. Also, my 4th cousin was a Ted Bundy victim in Utah.
Priel ThePrune
Priel ThePrune Před 17 dny
Ur family seems to have bad luck
Priel ThePrune
Priel ThePrune Před 17 dny
Big Hug
Big Hug Před 28 dny
That's Crazy !!!
I can't think of a name
I can't think of a name Před 2 měsíci
I miss your voice and stories too!! Please come back!!
Brooks Murphy
Brooks Murphy Před 2 měsíci
Hope ur doing well corpse
JD Van guy
JD Van guy Před 2 měsíci
Wildlife and nice trails in Toronto?....BS lol
DaveMo420 Před 2 měsíci
That first story gave me the creeps. I live a bit away from Toronto as well. Good shit man you make stories extra chilling haha
Dom Zych
Dom Zych Před 2 měsíci
The fact that all the cops were like nah you can’t see
Dom Zych
Dom Zych Před 2 měsíci
Only 16 years
Zula Naderpour
Zula Naderpour Před 2 měsíci
Rip mama💔🕊
Zinta Foxana & The Painted Shadows
Where did the kids go to since the story ended on an unfortunate end? Did the writer of the story ever give an update to what happened? Was Allan's sentence expanded to life in prison? Did the hoard of cops take the kids away to a new home now that they were without a parent? ... I do hope to hear any update on them & if they've mentally/emotionally improved since the passing of both parents who brought life into their world...
F P Před měsícem
Their older brother, 19 probably either took ownership of the house if I had to guess. Otherwise, they probably all went to a children's home/orphanage
nicole Před 2 měsíci
ontario has slapping nature trails they ain’t lying
nicole Před 2 měsíci
“I lived about an hour north of toronto, canada” me, an hour north of toronto at 2am: Fuck
Muhammad Ahsan
Muhammad Ahsan Před měsícem
Same 😭😭😭😭
LyxNyte Před 2 měsíci
I miss these stories man.
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