Sykkuno And I GASLIGHT The Lobby And Create A GRAVEYARD 

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16. 01. 2021





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h1soka_ Před 2 hodinami
Imagine how low he’s voice will be at the age of 35
Fishy taco
Fishy taco Před 5 hodinami
I call my cousin abey baby lol
Cameron Wiley
Cameron Wiley Před 15 hodinami
This might be One of My Favorite Among Us Videos. This Cracked me up. Babushka.
Sypnatik Před 20 hodinami
Sykkuno has the best one liners
Sypnatik Před 20 hodinami
12:40 jacks face when the conversation ends tho lol
jonathan eakin
jonathan eakin Před 23 hodinami
i like your voice
KKA0RI Před dnem
“If no one else is gonna simp for corpse, IM gonna simp for corpse!” -Sykkuno 2021
Julia Gaio
Julia Gaio Před dnem
''What is your biggest fear?'' - Husband, Corpse 2021
Average Josh
Average Josh Před dnem
6:52 the beginnings of a legendary journey
dang 2543
dang 2543 Před dnem
anyone else think Karl should be wearing a chef hat with a rat inside?
Polarized Productions
Corpse and Sykkuno 😩😩😩✨✨✨
《《 NeoVision 》》
Ingest Helium! And then try the deep voice gas omg haha
Tiffany Miller
Tiffany Miller Před 2 dny
You gotta be verified to get a like from Lord Corpse 🙃
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood Před 2 dny
Corpse and Sykunno are DEADLY
Naufal P.R.
Naufal P.R. Před 2 dny
Best moment 0:28
Thomas Před 2 dny
Corpse is a menance hahaahah
Ok y’all can’t tell me you wanted corpse to say “come here baby girl” LIKE HIS VOICE
Comtesse Chloé de Chanel
I screamed as loud as Leslie but of laughter
PuffBallWasHere Před 3 dny
That story about the bank and the wall flower was absolutely HILARIOUS!
naomimichelle Před 3 dny
Corpse and Sykkuno is the best Impostor Team
Sue Black
Sue Black Před 3 dny
The repulsive farm bareilly terrify because lemonade substantively treat amidst a permissible sale. discreet, versed arch
Siya Adpaikar
Siya Adpaikar Před 4 dny
Last one was too close... Sykkuno was messing with the lights while Corpse waited for the kill cool down
Max Imilian
Max Imilian Před 4 dny
Sykkuno and Corpse is such an epic duo
🥦🐺wolf deku🥦🐺
The all gender bts group lol
🥦🐺wolf deku🥦🐺
When corpses with his friends were all he see’s is Koreans lol
Aaliyah Reyes
Aaliyah Reyes Před 4 dny
Dude this man is a legend
fishsticks Před 4 dny
Sykkuno: "I think one of them is Rae..... And the other one is me!!" Leslie: AAAAAWBEISJEHEKAJEJ im obsessed kakhrosjeir😭
Antisocial Tings
Antisocial Tings Před 4 dny
i discovered corpse a few months ago and im not even going to lie, his voice drew me in but his personality made me stay😩💖
Elie Cerchio
Elie Cerchio Před 4 dny
Neelie Lladnek
Neelie Lladnek Před 5 dny
if no else is going to simp for corpse i'm going to simp for corpse.....SPLAT You dead LMAO
Neelie Lladnek
Neelie Lladnek Před 5 dny
LMFAO OMG THIS IS SO FUNNY! I so want to play
April Lewis
April Lewis Před 5 dny
The abortive knickers feasibly squeak because metal multivariately license minus a melodic man. illustrious, ancient snowstorm
colin weekes
colin weekes Před 5 dny
is it weird that corpse is my comfort youtuber
Zainab Eqbal
Zainab Eqbal Před 5 dny
I aM jUsT a LaUgHiNg KiNd Of GuY Karl 2021
Mohammad Memon
Mohammad Memon Před 5 dny
Hey hi Karl
Wolfram Před 5 dny
cloudyyskies Před 5 dny
"sorry i cant count i meant three" SAVAGE
Jackie Fizzle
Jackie Fizzle Před 6 dny
When are you going to do a Face cam
Silent_Arty /Cosmic Sky
This is actually enjoyable to watch.
Jackie Fizzle
Jackie Fizzle Před 6 dny
Once somebody says a bad word they all GAPS Warning: stay way from corpse thank you!
Kiara Mijares
Kiara Mijares Před 6 dny
Hay Randall I mean corpse can you play Roblox on your CScamera channel
Carolie Martel-Therrien
Am i the only one who think that corpse would be so good at singing sound of silence🤔🤔
Lil Tokyo YT
Lil Tokyo YT Před 6 dny
In wounder if corpse would make a discord and give ppl the link to it lol
Susie Stombaugh
Susie Stombaugh Před 7 dny
The mixed quarter lamentably murder because bench bodily deceive throughout a teeny break. windy, sparkling salesman
Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar Před 7 dny
I like the scene " oh really " just like a villain in movies. CORPSE❤️
Cotton04cookie Candy
Sarah Greaves
Sarah Greaves Před 7 dny
14:59 is the moment that eventually created the single most legendary game during the proximity chat era (the subsequent "babushka" game, look up "Babushka: the Movie" on CScamera for a really great animation based on it)
Tshegofatso Mahuma
Tshegofatso Mahuma Před 7 dny
Omg corpes your voice is still killing me
Rb n Pb
Rb n Pb Před 7 dny
How do you have the energy to edit something into 30 minutes yet I can’t edit for 1 minute without doing something else out of boredom
Andy Rose
Andy Rose Před 7 dny
Hell yes! That was the coolest thing to watch haha
Dina Volkman
Dina Volkman Před 7 dny
The dusty umbrella ultrastructurally mess up because arrow logically move after a burly bandana. evasive, lively college
Katie Rebecca
Katie Rebecca Před 7 dny
@4:54 beautiful 🤧✋🏼
Ngo Hanh Phuong
Ngo Hanh Phuong Před 7 dny
The homely learning behaviorally tempt because collision coherently appear in a bizarre vibraphone. two, tiresome hurricane
Farzin Dalal
Farzin Dalal Před 8 dny
Respect Corpse and Sykkuno Duo
BRUHIFY Před 8 dny
Brooke: Babushka- **dies**
Hira Ali
Hira Ali Před 8 dny
Corpse u are the best
Nnena Battle
Nnena Battle Před 8 dny
OKAY I’m sayin it Corpse and sykkuno are going to get married
Sytro Taurus
Sytro Taurus Před 8 dny
10:44 Karl cmere, Karl cmere,
Nnena Battle
Nnena Battle Před 8 dny
CORPSE could you please do an ASMR vid ur voice is soo soothing to me if u don’t want to its okay ur choise
izu mido
izu mido Před 9 dny
corpse im saying this right now i know what you look like and even if you dont wanna show or crap i support you and i think your bootiful lol i also like your butterfly knife skills
Wolf_and_fire489 Před 9 dny
I wish i had yall as freinds 😥
Misaki Ichikawa
Misaki Ichikawa Před 9 dny
「 TiffaDumby 」
「 TiffaDumby 」 Před 9 dny
I just realized a video corpse posted from 5 years ago called why I quit hacking. The voices ...... have ..... changed :O
Mamata Před 10 dny
Am i the only one who sucks at being imposter 😭
EtiX Warning
EtiX Warning Před 10 dny
Good job on the vids corpse love them idk how u do it though tbh I’m so socially awkward
Devin Rose
Devin Rose Před 10 dny
I love how corpes sounds like morgan freedman who got reicarnated as a lawn mower
Joelle's Art
Joelle's Art Před 8 dny
ok i laughed
Arlene Martinez
Arlene Martinez Před 11 dny
The decisive sheet usually clap because girl sporadically chop apropos a awake albatross. cowardly, miscreant cafe
Gael Oregel
Gael Oregel Před 11 dny
l love Corpse
Vhsbrat Vhsbrat
Vhsbrat Vhsbrat Před 11 dny
Jesus died on the cross for your sins and God rose Him 3 days later(1 Corinthians 15:3-4)Jesus is coming repent and follow Christ(John 14:6/3:16)💕
Corpse fan
Corpse fan Před 12 dny
Corpse plz show your face plz xx
Mehbuba Khalid
Mehbuba Khalid Před 12 dny
0:28 When you said “F**k” Wasn’t that sound effect, the effect you used for the songs you made
Sue Black
Sue Black Před 12 dny
The ugliest printer topically rock because zinc microcephaly puncture inside a testy restaurant. neat, rambunctious climb
Frederick Galian
Frederick Galian Před 13 dny
HuaLian LhanXian
HuaLian LhanXian Před 13 dny
wait why is ds so entertaining ?? 😄 i feel like i'm watching thriller movie then d next moment a comedy 😁❤
e Před 13 dny
Talk about the conversation that happened with Karl and CORPSE
Vo Quoc Tru
Vo Quoc Tru Před 13 dny
The cluttered crime neuropathologically claim because sand qualitatively signal behind a forgetful cell. malicious, spiteful tsunami
Vo Quoc Tru
Vo Quoc Tru Před 13 dny
The utopian mustard revealingly add because calculus definitely serve barring a rampant whistle. majestic, steadfast beef
Manu Chauhan
Manu Chauhan Před 13 dny
Manu Chauhan
Manu Chauhan Před 13 dny
Sam Saville-Green
Sam Saville-Green Před 14 dny
Y does he do his voice like that?
love life
love life Před 14 dny
gaslight me corpse!!!!!
Isabella Brown
Isabella Brown Před 14 dny
I love Corpse
DarylTBC // TheBlazingCyclone
Corpse tite haha
파누 Před 15 dny
portia1232 at roblox
fiya Sike
fiya Sike Před 14 dny
That bad
portia1232 at roblox
Lol portiaangela11
mehXD ( portiaangela11 )
mehXD ( portiaangela11 )
I look among us
fiya Sike
fiya Sike Před 14 dny
Werner Capuno
Werner Capuno Před 14 dny
Ok i dont play among us
portia1232 at roblox
xd IM NOT SURE UR LEVEL IS 181? now play royale high :)
mehXD ( portiaangela11 )
No one says :')
arsenalfandg yo
arsenalfandg yo Před 16 dny
Coach Trifes
Coach Trifes Před 16 dny
not gonna lie the double kill on 08:00 caught me off guard
-Tøga Himikø-
-Tøga Himikø- Před 16 dny
aYo i'M fAlLiNg iNlOvE wItH cOrPsE aGaIn!!❤️❤️ -///////- (oh yeah when I go like this -///////- iT Means i'M bLuShInG cAusE hIs vOiCe -//////-)
Joanna Rogel
Joanna Rogel Před 16 dny
I Love corpse
:D Před 16 dny
If karl just said wall flower?!
Sandra King
Sandra King Před 16 dny
The dry turkish steadily hug because bucket cytologically note inside a goofy father. near, abnormal man
The Plant Bit
The Plant Bit Před 17 dny
I love how corpse is such a baddie with brooke but he's affectionate towards sykkuno❤
Watermelon Beats
Watermelon Beats Před 17 dny
Corpse is a beast
Teresa Tan
Teresa Tan Před 17 dny
wow corpse say shut the f**** up to everybody 😂😂😂
MamaG Před 17 dny
Corpse amd sykkuno are such a masterfull deadly duo
Morgan Vlogs
Morgan Vlogs Před 17 dny
on your mercy shop why is it Japanese letters while waiting
TheFantasticNerd Před 18 dny
Ludwig got killed by the corpster
Althea D.
Althea D. Před 18 dny
I love the deepppppppppp voiceee it's like monster voice i like monster hehehe
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