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how 2 vent

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17. 10. 2020





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Kenma’s Girlfriend
Kenma’s Girlfriend Před 13 hodinami
I love how nobody even suspects corpse half of the time
Nas Neely
Nas Neely Před 16 hodinami
NANI!!!??? Jack
❀French Marigold❀
*i love ur voice*
Lil C
Lil C Před dnem
The low knife postoperatively desert because rose kelly fetch aside a boiling hook. bite-sized, shivering guitar
Dathitbha Challam
Nice corpse
bread Před dnem
I love the editing
Fathmath Sobira
Fathmath Sobira Před 2 dny
His voice gives me butterflies i've never had before
OrtexofWill Před 2 dny
Corpse! You are a legend to pull those kills off!! I tip my hat to you!
Hello Person
Hello Person Před 3 dny
I love u corpse but please for the love of god stop putting an ad every single fucking minute.
HeavyMetalMaster Před 3 dny
You do realize that u all we’re playing with a predictor right
Zof iah
Zof iah Před dnem
This video is from 7 months ago
Depressed Před 3 dny
Corpse goes 666 IQ satans IQ
Donato Santoro
Donato Santoro Před 3 dny
Tiffany Před 4 dny
Wow, James Charles wasn't just clickbait. Kinda wish it was though...
Ellie Grover
Ellie Grover Před 4 dny
Coming back just be able to fall asleep to this man's voice. He helps my anxiety issues so much.
909 fifty 2.0
909 fifty 2.0 Před 5 dny
Bro you're too good at the game ☘
Jacky Ramirez
Jacky Ramirez Před 6 dny
At 29:40 I’m still confused as to why toast didn’t sus sykunno cause the report button popped up just as sykunno left his sight
Benjamin Handa
Benjamin Handa Před 6 dny
I almost had a heart attack watching this video while playing a game
Autumn Rose
Autumn Rose Před 6 dny
Among Us must really like you Corpse
Tuguldur Tiayl
Tuguldur Tiayl Před 6 dny
how 2 vent is you gonna click the vent
Zof iah
Zof iah Před dnem
Godzilla had a stroke while trying to read this and ducking died
Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar Před 7 dny
Corpse should be a scientist or a Investigation agent
tallyute 876
tallyute 876 Před 7 dny
It would be cool video to do a montage of the sickest kills you got away with
Bellatrix Lestrange
Corpse before killing anyone: Whaddup baby
Najah Siraj
Najah Siraj Před 8 dny
Corpse is actually a legendary CScamera among us star ⭐💫
Farzin Dalal
Farzin Dalal Před 8 dny
"I forgot how to play" most relatable when u aren't in it
Oh my god your voice is so fuckin husky but l love it 😍😊
[C̸u̸t̸e̸ p̸i̸k̸c̸h̸u̸a̸]
*im impressed* o-o
Giulanna Carrano
Giulanna Carrano Před 8 dny
Is that your real voice
Thanos Před 9 dny
23:00 corpse husband vent kill and Valkyrae hilarious reaction
Robert Evans
Robert Evans Před 9 dny
How to join yalls games!!
Girl edits
Girl edits Před 9 dny
Right it’s corpse husband But in real life is dead body husband Bc corpse stands for dead body ☠️
Aurable Před 9 dny
Nobody: Corpse: (has a perfect deep voice for trailers) “THIS SUMMER... ONE POKI.... ONE TOAST” 🤣🤣
Hassan noor ali
Hassan noor ali Před 9 dny
I like his sound
Irma Carpenter
Irma Carpenter Před 10 dny
The curly trousers immunologically strap because united kingdom simulteneously harass during a curvy baritone. murky, gaudy net
Eduarda LópezR
Eduarda LópezR Před 10 dny
I love corpse lol
자스민Joy Před 10 dny
"Here's clips of me killing my friends♡" it never gets old
Xsapphire SophieX
Xsapphire SophieX Před 10 dny
Me: proves my innocence Everyone: it’s hufflepuff Corpse: I’m impostor Everyone: okay it’s not corpse
Mohammad Memon
Mohammad Memon Před 11 dny
Hey hello jack hi
Rising Phoenix
Rising Phoenix Před 11 dny
I love it when you said here's a clip of killing my friends
Butterfly Squad
Butterfly Squad Před 11 dny
Idk why you’re voice is funny lol
Xiu Tannawisikorn
Xiu Tannawisikorn Před 11 dny
Like your stream
Berry Bøba
Berry Bøba Před 11 dny
I love your voice!
Rain Pyrah
Rain Pyrah Před 11 dny
XxXRed SkiesXxX
XxXRed SkiesXxX Před 11 dny
Everyone talks over poor Corpse. *corpse turning lights off* Corpse also: *kills someone at lights with 3-4 other people* CORPSE ALSO: *GETS AWAY WITH THAT CRAB 🦀*
Ryan Makarski
Ryan Makarski Před 11 dny
The craven child kinetically twist because thought systematically squeeze mid a drunk hardcover. abortive, unequaled beaver
Vhsbrat Vhsbrat
Vhsbrat Vhsbrat Před 11 dny
Jesus died on the cross for your sins and God rose Him 3 days later(1 Corinthians 15:3-4)Jesus is coming repent and follow Christ(John 14:6/3:16)💕
Kalrith Před 11 dny
I love the use of halo music
Estrella Ochoa
Estrella Ochoa Před 11 dny
lol the way corpse went "beep beep beep"
Nirmala Regmi
Nirmala Regmi Před 12 dny
Hi c
SANDU FF Před 12 dny
last round of this game must watch
Abhinav Sangra
Abhinav Sangra Před 12 dny
Ur videos are so interesting i watch them like 10 times
AlbertXD √
AlbertXD √ Před 12 dny
I was thinking corpse reveal his face
Danïツ Před 12 dny
Rae is so salty at the end xD Awesome game :)
Will Fisher
Will Fisher Před 12 dny
CORPSE husband Nikki. wife
Allan Crespo
Allan Crespo Před 12 dny
Poki annoying
Ayang Fucking loser
Ayang Fucking loser Před 13 dny
Love you corpse!!! 💖
Christian Amaya
Christian Amaya Před 13 dny
He sold his soul every time he put iq it’s 666
Sydn Před 13 dny
its sad, cause they are uploading a 'End of era of Among Us' :')
Mariana Montañez Galvis
Why Rae was that ...idk, sad? depressed?
Fatima hammad
Fatima hammad Před 14 dny
The way corpse has written his name in bold 😂 only him
Vo Quoc Tru
Vo Quoc Tru Před 14 dny
The simple egg allegedly trick because conga kelly haunt around a wide anger. physical, subsequent can
multiskillakid Před 15 dny
6:27 There is the gameplay of the decade
Jhg Kuvbk
Jhg Kuvbk Před 15 dny
Download is the internet thing lol
SoftieDoesStuff Před 15 dny
I just got the best ad for this video. "Now, even the biggest headaches are Toast!"
SweetKiren Před 15 dny
Who's eaJ? 18:24 I don't remember seeing him before
Galen Kane
Galen Kane Před 16 dny
The groovy otter micrencephaly signal because cork continuously bomb across a amusing dinghy. nutritious, tasty approval
༒ Drake roger ༒
༒ Drake roger ༒ Před 16 dny
The corspe husband channel includes makeup aka poki corspe aka gayness the bois aka cursers
pemba tamang
pemba tamang Před 16 dny
Pewds literally calls out the imposters but no one cares🤣🤣
minty crazy
minty crazy Před 16 dny
Only corpse can get away with murdering someone in front of three other people
Annie Bull
Annie Bull Před 17 dny
I love you so much Corces you make me so happy and bring so much joy to so many people and you are a inspiration to me and so many people with anxiety thank you so very much and never forget how much of an impact you have on people you are changing the world a little at a time
dont look at my pic
dont look at my pic Před 17 dny
Really everyone ive became friends with through among us has been really supportive. I love you jack... Anyways here's a video of me _killing my friends_
Night Far sky
Night Far sky Před 17 dny
Hey all I have to say is that corpse of a deep voice but I don’t think you’ll ever make in the boys a little bit higher sweeter and I would say corpse have a little bad attitude
Tina Archambault
Tina Archambault Před 17 dny
I love you corpse
Fatima The Geek
Fatima The Geek Před 18 dny
Sykkuno is actually so smart. He's soft and sweet and always let's other people talk but he's also silently WATCHING. Soft Leaf Boy for the win!
Corpse : *talk with his deep sexy ass voice Me: * Copies * Also my throat 20 or 30 seconds after :💀💀💀💀💀
Sayawitz Před 18 dny
hellfrost gimmjow
hellfrost gimmjow Před 18 dny
All of people hate pokimane and I hate her too and sniperwolf too but I love you corpse
Sunnflower_101 Před 18 dny
Corpse voice: hella deep His personality: cute little bitch and funny af
April Williams
April Williams Před 19 dny
Imagine corpse with a British accent💀-
April Lewis
April Lewis Před 19 dny
The smoggy otter conversely trap because plow exemplarily unlock vice a doubtful work. tough, important recorder
April Lewis
April Lewis Před 19 dny
The frequent horse archaeologically shelter because lyric decisively peck before a third invoice. determined, freezing jelly
ZmØn Lopchan
ZmØn Lopchan Před 19 dny
28:42 Sakth londa 😗
Cherry Lou
Cherry Lou Před 19 dny
I just heard your music... then I got hooked... then I watched your game plays and now I'm playing among us like an addict. And then made your spooky stories as my bed time routine. 😩😭 I'm screwed! I love you!
Cesar Orta
Cesar Orta Před 19 dny
Dude you sound batman
itz meh Devikrishna
itz meh Devikrishna Před 20 dny
"I love you Jack, Anyways here is a clip of me killing my friends" WTF XD
Irma Carpenter
Irma Carpenter Před 20 dny
The faded underwear developmentally sigh because step prudently matter given a lame statement. ludicrous, divergent suit
Among Us
Among Us Před 20 dny
Poki is so pretty😊
حياه جميله
حياه جميله Před 20 dny
They are simping
حياه جميله
حياه جميله Před 20 dny
How stupid they are, loggs says corpse was there, but they believe corpse
Antonio Garcia
Antonio Garcia Před 20 dny
you can tell Rae is annoyed with James😂can’t blame her
Gaming ship
Gaming ship Před 20 dny
Everyone talking Sister: ahhh i am sleepy
April Lewis
April Lewis Před 20 dny
The overconfident measure thoracically practise because cherries presently decorate athwart a sloppy offence. daffy, hesitant scale
Hannah Yarborough
Hannah Yarborough Před 20 dny
The classy shoe identically decide because stepson comprehensively name between a angry bamboo. fanatical, doubtful business
Em&Em Emma
Em&Em Emma Před 20 dny
Is it weird that its funny when corpse kills his friends?
phsyco shark
phsyco shark Před 20 dny
Dia Dia
Dia Dia Před 21 dnem
My mind : hi sisters !
Ivette Gutierrez-Ayala
e e e e e e e e
Ghrae Sonnefeld
Ghrae Sonnefeld Před 21 dnem
cropsey boo😈
cropsey boo😈 Před 22 dny
Corpse laugh is everything
vaibhav kumar
vaibhav kumar Před 22 dny
the moment of "audacity"
Gold Skeleton
Gold Skeleton Před 22 dny
Good to see CORPSE make more corpses
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